Saturday, March 14, 2009

Notice the glass on the tabletop? Well, I had an accident while eating lunch and broke it! A bowl slipped out of my fingers and smashed one corner of the glass but good. The fiesta-ware bowl didn't break but that 1/4 inch glass sure did. It took me a good while to clean up the tiny shards that flew and it put a damper on my afternoon! Thankfully I didn't get cut.

That is done though, and we are getting ready to go enjoy our local Symphony...which will be a treat. I got a wonderful letter from my sister telling me how much she loved the audio book I sent her. She writes the most wonderful letters...keepsakes, every one of them.

My seedlings are growing to beat the band....I'm happy to see it. I got a lot of happy home making done today. Loads of laundry and dusting...some decluttering too.
A home becomes a spot of heaven on earth when things are in their proper place. Its a lovely place to be. But, oh boy, when things are let lay about...its enough to give a person a headache.

I'm enjoying my Winnie the Poo collection immensely this week. His world is delightfully charming and one of my latest books by Milne have yellow pages instead of white ones. Oh...I love relaxing with books. Totally. By the way, the mystery novel by Laura Childs I read last week....ahem. I went to the library yesterday and checked out another one and its full of swearing-I hereby withdraw my recommendation of this author. You just never know about a new author till you get into it. The first book was ok...but not the next one.

"....follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, and meekness." I Timothy 6:11
Wishing you a blessed Sunday!


bennie and patsy said...

I am just glad you didn't get cut. The Fiesta are heavy dishes.I have some on my post today.

Mrs. Mac said...

'tis a shame about the glass top table ... it looks to be custom cut and all ... glad you were not injured and that the dish survived. I noticed you have different chairs since you posted a while back with the darling chair covers you made ... did you change your mind :) ?? Enjoy the symphony treat today ... and thanks for the heads up about the author :) (One never knows at times). Hugs