Sunday, February 01, 2009

You may be wondering what is so remarkable about this unimpressive loaf cake? Well, the thing is that it wasn't baked in the oven. It was so much fun to make. This cake was steamed! I filled my roasting pan with an inch of water and put a small cooling rack in the roaster. Mixed the ingredients and put them in a loaf pan covered with foil, and simmered the water in the roaster with the lid on for about 45 minutes. I never thought it would bake but here it is!!!! I was excited! Except for one was supposed to be very moist and delicious. Anything but that....its as heavy as a doorstop and not tasty at all. In fact, I must confess, that I slung it into the garbage pail..only to get it back out and take a picture of it. Free entertainment for a lazy Sunday I baked it had its moment of fame for sure. When I tested it with a broom straw, (being out of toothpicks) I was rather emotional to discover this perfectly baked...ahhh, cake. As long as I blog I'll have this reminder that you really can 'steam' a cake. I'm wondering, does anybody have a recipe that turns out to be delicious? I'd love to try again...


bennie and patsy said...

That is very interesting, wonder what could have made it so hard?
I love that green flower holder. Is it to root cutting or just show cut flowers?

Saija said...

i didn't know you could do that ... cool ... :o)

i've always been amazed that microwaving can make good cakes ...

but alas, we're on diets that exclude the good stuff at the moment!

((hugs)) to you!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Well I would have never guessed it would do anything but remain dough. Maybe you'll perfect the process. I'd like to learn more about that.

Thanks for the information on fragrance oil. I had previously read that the plug in air fresheners do have carcinogens in them and I have not used them since.

Your little country sounds so nice. I was raised in a tiny Missionary Baptist Church where my dad was pastor. I loved it! The folks were like family and we still maintain a relationship with many of them though the years and miles have separated us. Right now, we're praying for a church family. It is so imporant.


Homespun Simplicity said...

Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes. Hope your foot is better.