Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Saturday night we went to a nearby...well sort of nearby, city for the Fireworks celebration of its 250th Birthday, I have never seen the likes of this show. The night was perfect. It had been overcast, with some rain earlier in the day. But by evening the weather had cleared and was a little chilly but I was prepared with a sweater and a light coat plus my spinning chair. We sat very close to the river and the water was rippling in toward the shore and reflecting the lights.It was beautiful. The crowd was excited ....a lot of families went home with a perfect memory. Ours too. And, an added bonus was that our son did the driving, and his driving skills came in handy I'll tell you. He had the knack of getting in and out of tight places in a jiffy. We held our breath a bit and hung on. It was fun...grin.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a lovely experience!

I love your sweet header, with the books and the dresser cloth. I want to find some Glady Taber books to buy used online. I'm sure I would like them, since they are favourites with several bloggers with similar interests to mine.

When Anna, at Pleasant View Schoolhouse, was selling used Grace Livingston Hill books, I bought a small boxful. I'm reading through them slowly. A few days ago, my daughter bought me another one, for only 10 cents from a thrift store, for my little collection. I had never heard of GLH, until the internet came into my life.

Mrs. Mac said...

Sounds like you had a perfect evening ... and being driven by an expert with good maneuvering skills is such an added bonus. I visited a local heritage day at a park a few weeks ago and there was a sweet group of ladies (all ages) that are in a spinning club. It was enjoyable to watch them sitting under the covered pavilion with their spinning wheels whirling. Makes me want to look into such a craft.