Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have been tagged by Patsy! So here goes. Seven random or weird things about me. Hmmmmm.

1. First of all, I'm thrilled to be 'saved', forgiven of my sins and freed from any judgement. I have new life in Christ, abundant and free.

2. I love books. I just finished reading Tracie Peterson's 'What She Left For Me', and I mean just! What a story, it kept me spellbound for 2 hours at the kitchen table.

3. If I can't spend some time spinning wool or knitting at least every other day, I feel cheated.

4. I am very lactose intolerant. Thankfully their are lots of products that are milk free.

5. Just to challenge myself I am trying on for size....this...to go flour and sugar free for 2 months. Well, a bit here and there is the exception. If I succeed, then a prize awaits me. Hopefully! Something to do with knitting and spinning most likely.

6. I dread social functions, but usually enjoy myself very much once I get there.

7. I check every door to make sure it is locked before I go to bed at night, but sometimes remember that the illness that caused our daughter's death came in in spite of the locks. Sometimes we fear things that never happen and what we never dream of comes to pass. Thats when the truths of God carry and comfort...and promise more than we could think or ask.

Lets see, passing this on to 7 other people now. If you'd rather not participate, its ok.

1. My blogging friend,Saija Saija in Canada. Our son is flying up there as I type this..
2. My blogging friend Nancy
3. My blogging friend Rhondi
4. My blogging friend Ann

And, to save time, I'll stop here. If anyone wants to join in, please do! It IS fun to read these.


Saija said...

oops, blogger ate my comment!

i was just saying that i relate to many of your confessions!

i will have to see what i can come up with! :o)

blessings on you!!!

bennie and patsy said...

Your answens are great. Thanks for joining in. The Bennie made our favorite apple pie today. It is one from the diary of Gladys Taber, 1946. I found it 30 years ago and ever apple season we have it from apples he makes his apple butter with.

Mam said...

Maggie Ann, Thanks for the tag! I'll let you know when I get it done. I enjoyed reading yours. It's fun getting to know you better. I've been spending so much time doing artwork, I don't tend to my regular blog like I used to.

Dawn said...

maggie ann: to participate in the Simple Woman's Daybook, go to:
You will meet lots of lovely women through the links there.

Soooo, you'll be posting your own daybook next week?

Rhondi said...

Hi Maggie Ann
It was very sweet of you thinking of me for the tag. I've done thattag a couple of times so I'll pass this time.
Hugs, Rhondi

Ann said...

Thanks for including me. I did my list last week but forgot to let you know. Happy Weekend!