Friday, October 31, 2008

Gorgeous Wildlife Photos Link

I was just over at digg dot com and came across these photos. Wow!!! are they worth taking a look at. (this site is not for have to be selective) ~~I've been so busy reading the last couple of days...just surfaced...=) in fact. If you've left me a comment I want you to know how heartwarming it was to read and enjoy. Thankyou! I hope you have a great day. The sun is shining...what a wonderful sight. An outpouring of golden light from our Heavenly Father. He knows how to lift our spirits!


~*Laura*~ said...

Thank you for posting the link!

I went through my posts and decided to delete a few that were poorly written and too preachy (for a younger woman), and one that I deleted had your comment on it about the scarf I am making... *embarrased* I forgot to write the link down that you gave me, could you give it to me again? So sorry to be a bother! Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking! I called P to come and look at the pictures and he enjoyed them, too.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Good Morning!! I love this time when it changes..I get more sleep..Yeah!! Have a great and blessed Sunday

Saija said...

dontcha just love it when there is a good book to take a journey in? i hardly notice the dust and the cat ripping the furniture to pieces when that happens ... OOPS, did i just confess to something? hmmmm... *grin*

blessings on your week!