Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Challenge from Mrs.Mac

Ten Things I Love That Start With the Letter 'M'

1. Marriage-"There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, or communion or company than a good marriage." Martin Luther

2. Money...money from my honey.

3. Madeleines...lemon please.

4. Movies....most Family Feature Films are great!

5. Make-believe....in novels

6. Masterpiece Theatre Classics

7. Monopoly...'The America' edition

8. Magazines!

9. McDonald Happy Meals...girl toy please!

10.Music....written just for cello =)

If you would like to participate let me know or let Mrs.Mac know...and you will be given a letter of the alphabet to list your ten things with! Thanks Mrs.Mac for the letter 'M', its been fun. Kind of hard to come up with the list quickly but I did it! =)


Mrs. Mac said...

You are a quick 'study' Maggie Ann. I have to agree with all of your M lovelies. And you can't forget the 'girl toys' at McDonalds :)

Mam said...

This was very fun to read! I would have to put marriage on top as well.