Friday, August 22, 2008

This past week has flown by! Between watching the Olympics and spinning every chance I got the time just whizzed by. You can see from the pictures I've posted that we went to the fair one night. My spinning group was there doing a 'sheep to shawl'. No competition, just a demo which was nice. We didn't stay too long. We went through the rabbit and sheep sheds and watched some sheep get judged. After a long day at work my husband needs to get off his I kept that in mind and we didn't stay too long.

Today I spent a good while practising my cello. I also went out to our mini-orchard of four apple trees and picked a colander full. Once back inside out of the glorious summer sun and breeze, I made a pan full of applesauce for the freezer. I'm going to try and do this every day. I think those apples are called 'Ira Reds' but no one has heard of that, so maybe I'm mistaken. I made pies from them last week and they were delish!

This morning also, I went out to raise the umbrella on the umbrella table and saw a furry thing with two stick like legs balled up on the spokes. At first I that a cocoon of some sort? And then my brain said this little word. 'Bat'! I quickly lowered the umbrella and came inside where my son & I devised a plan. Quite complicated...grin. How about this? Raise the umbrella again, about 11pm and hope....hope...hope...that the bat does not fly while we're about it. Then shoot the inside of the umbrella with some Raid or something stinky to repel it. I hope you've had a peach of a day. Its so beautiful, how I wish we could save these kind of days and exchange them now and again instead of the gloomy overcast ones. Our Father knows best...'I sing through the shade and the sunshine, I'll trust him whatever befall'...from the hymn 'My Father Planned It All'.

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Flip Flop Floozie said...

You sound really happy this week and that is great!!
We have had the effects from Fay and nothing but rain and some wind! Yesterday was bad but am hoping that today is much much better.
Take care and enjoy this weekend and that applesauce!! Yummy!!