Friday, May 09, 2008

We are back! We travelled all day Wednesday and it seems I've been working on laundry ever since. Our new grandson is just as sweet as you can imagine and we held him for hours at at time. (and our 4 year old grandson is just as sweet!) But, instead of jet-lag, I seem to have travel exhaustion! I have a cello lesson tonight and have only had it out of the case once in almost 2 weeks. I don't know how our daughter does all that she does. She's up through the night for feedings and goes all day sometimes too. Their new home is almost finished. The floors were to be varnished this week, and the porches were 'poured' yesterday. Its a beautiful place, set back in a wooded setting. So peaceful, and serene.

I'll have to put off visiting you till Monday or Tuesday, but I'm looking forward to visiting everyone. I"d better go get my cello out and see if I can still play it!

"Life's song, indeed, whould lose its charm, Were there no babies in it; A doleful place this world would be, Were there no little people in it." J.G. Whittier


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Glad to be home..i know the feeling!! What a sweet new baby!! Nothing like a grandchild!! You are so fortunate. Hope your lesson goes well. Sandy

Ann said...

Glad your home and had such a nice visit! We have 6 weeks yet to go before our little blessing arrives. Sara has decided she wants me with her so I'll hopefully get to see the birth. Rest up over the weekend. Blessings to you and yours!

MammyT said...

congratulations on your new little person. May God bless him.
I'm here to report limited success on transfers with mod podge. Painting it on the surface of an image I photocopied I was able to transfer a nicely distressed sailing ship onto cardstock. The secrets seem to be "photocopy" (I have an inkjet), wet it down well with medium, burnish and pull it off soon. You can lift and edge to check progress. This is not science yet. Magazine picture didn't work the same. I'm still experimenting.

Saija said...

you rest up! don't get too exhausted ... just enjoy the after glow of a wonderful trip!

i have been busy lately ... just doing my puttering, etc.... and like you, i don't know how these young women do all that they do ... i guess they neglect themselves at times and sacrifice for their families ... but with a beautiful new baby to care for, there are so many hidden blessings in the "work"... :o)

blessings on you! and so glad you are back!


I am so glad you are home. I know you had just a wonderful time with both your grandchildren. Aren't they real blessing? What would we do without them. I hope you get rested and we see you soon. Have a happy day Sunday. connie from Texas