Thursday, April 17, 2008

I still don't have my pc up and running yet...Hopefully by Saturday night. My son has a laptop here for me to use but I can't scan in and post my pictures. Sigh. This morning I spent spinning and loved that. I spun and plyed some gorgeous blue/turquoise wool.Then gave it a gentle bath and hung it up to dry. Then I did some spinning on my drop spindle. What fun! =).

I just posted and tryed to delete the picture I borrowed from the web and accidentally deleted my whole post. So, this is a shorter version. I'm reading the book of Ruth and so many things about Ruth and Boaz touch my heart. Oh, the sweetness of a spirit filled life. She was so humble and Boaz was so gracious. What a romance to crown the story, not to mention Ruth was the great grandmother of King David!

Thanks for dropping by to visit, leave me a comment if you have time and I'll be by to 'see' you.


Saija said...

awww ... still no regular computer, eh? :o(

i know how that is ... when i was in finland, i was on so many other computers - but atleast the connection to friends was there ... :o)

i love Ruth's love story with Boaz as well ...

re your comment about seeing my reflection in the bakery window - i wondered if anyone would pick up on that ... of course, someone with an "artist's eye" did - that is you of course ...

blessings on your weekend - i have just friday and saturday to work at the library, then i will be off for the summer - how cool!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

We really miss our computers when they are down don't we? We have become so used to them. Crazy world we live in.
Spinning. I always thought that would be fun.
I am at work again!! Seems like lately I about live here. Some part time job!!