Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fuel tax for Truckers..

You know, I was interested to see how the protest in DC turned out as truckers by the hundreds slowly drove around blowing their horns in protest of the fuel tax. I was actually hoping it would have some results!

Supply and demand they said in the paper. Nothing but higher prices are in the future. Hillary wants to spend billions on 'alternative' fuel research. Like we have billions for that! The article quotes Bill Clinton as advising keeping more fuel in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which right now is at 97 % capacity & constantly adding more fuel at these high prices!
He said if he were Pres. he would release some of that into the marketplace to drive down prices.
Obama disagrees, he doesn't think we have any answers right now. He's thinking bio-fuel, and more efficient cars & trucks. Mr.McCain will give his views in a few weeks....leaning towards hybrid vehicles and alternative fuel. There is no immediate relief in sight for sure. All the time, driving food prices up and up. Its a serious situation for the truckers....and for us. the future is a long way off while we wait and see if those $150 billion research Hillary and Obama want to invest in off or is money & time down the drain. That's if they make it to the White House. I'm for McCain, of course, now.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

What a mess our country has let itself get least that is what i think. i am so concerned for the election this year!! it is the worst one so far...that i can remember I mean. Things are already so high and now they will just keep getting higher and higher...What a mess.


Marie said...

Me too! McCain, that is.

I am afraid the whole ethanol thing is driving up prices of gas AND food. I am all for ethanol if there is a demand, but not if the government imposes it on us.

sparrow's song said...

All the talk about gas prices reminds me of the 70s and the energy squeeze we had then. Of course, I was a kid at that time but it was talked about enough that even we took notice.

I've been out of blogland for a bit and involved in political debate on forums. It ain't pretty out there. I'll plead the fifth for now but just say that I usually vote Republican. I've already brought my now-voting-age kids into the fold as well. Hurray for our side!