Monday, March 24, 2008

Home sweet home, is there any place like it? I'm having a sleepy lazy day here. The Easter weekend was a wonderful time of reflection and worship....and behind the scenes ...a great deal of Saturday cooking. I made a new cookie recipe, a new sweet potato souffle recipe, which did not rise but was good anyway. A huge bowl of potato salad. And, what else, I cannot remember.

Have you noticed my sidebar? Since I switched to Blogger's new 'Layout'...its just been adding one fun thing after another! Today I added a daily cryptogram puzzle at the bottom of the sidebar. I love to do those things! Have you ever done these? They are addictive however..grin. And over at Maggie's 2nd blog, I posted a video bar of Yo Yo Ma playing Bach..(which is what I'm working on & love!) etc. Well, time for a Have a nice day, and thanks for coming by.

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Mary said...

Hello Maggie Ann, I agree, home is the best! The picture with your post is very pretty.
You always brighten my day.
God Bless!