Thursday, February 07, 2008

What do you notice about this Valentine? I noticed two things. One is she is having tea and using tongs to have a sugar cube. The other is the complimentary green backgound. Art is words, it paints pictures that tell stories of entertainment, enrichment and instruction.

~~~I have just finished all three of my library books by Wanda Brunstetter in the last 2 days or so. Speed reading, but I enjoyed them. One nice thing about recovering from a virus is that there is no rush, its quite 'ok' to just rest and read and read. And read!

One other thing I have enjoyed immensely this week was the new Hallmark movie...'The Yearling'. I never thought any actor could perform that classic tale better than Jane Wyman and Gregory Peck. But....Richard Hamilton and Mary Del? were fabulous! I'm hoping to buy this movie for my collection. Its been playing on the Hallmark Movie Channel this week. What a gem!

Another great blessing to me was when I read one of our missionary's prayer letters. Our missionary, said that she was memorizing one more book of the New Testament and that she then will have memorized the entire New Testament! She also said she has been working on this for 20 years. That made an impression on my heart. What a wonderful accomplishment. I am encouraged by this to memorize at least a few verses a week. I am blessed beyond measure.

"Sing them over again to me, Wonderful words of life;......Let me more of thier beauty see, Wonderful words of life......Words of life and beauty, Teach me faith and duty: "Beautiful words, wonderful words, Wonderful words of Life." hymn by Philip P.Bliss

"In him was life; and the life was the light of men." John 1:4


Carla said...

Love your vintage Valentine! Glad you stopped by my blog and left me your thoughts on that story. It really made me think about decency, and how much it must have taken that family to overcome the fear of that lady, and to have shown her that much kindness in spite of it all. Come join us in the recipe exchange. It's fun to have new recipes to try!

Senkyoshi said...

I love your vintage valentines. Stop by soon. I left you an award!

Karen T. said...

Hi Maggie! I am so sorry you have not been feeling well. I pray you will feel much better. Your valentines are lovely.
What an amazing accomplishment to memorize the New Testament! I cannot even imagine being able to commit that much to memory. How inspiring!
Have a wonderful day! Karen Twombly

Saija said...

i hope you are almost 100% better ... or you may have to get some more library books!

she has almost memoried the whole new testament? wow!!!! what a blessing that is to her inner man ... my memory skills are poor, unless i sing the verse ... then it stays in my mind ... that's why hymns are such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

For some practical tips and motivation on memorizing God's Word, get ahold of the book "His Word in my Heart" by Janet Pope. It's excellent. As we age, we don't memorize very well, but actively memorizing will exercise our brain, and the memorizing will get easier. It'll also help us in our old age. You may not know this, but you won't always be able to read your Bible. My grandmother had open heart surgery in her 80's. She testified that there were days she didn't know where she was (she was like that for about a week), but the Word of God that was in her heart came to her and ministered to her during those times. She knew the Lord was with her. She encouraged me to memorize LOTS now to treasure-up for those days in the future when I'll need His Word and won't be able to read it!

sparrow's song said...

I notice the bow theme on the young girl and the kittens. Too cute!

I thoroughly enjoyed Gregory Peck in The Yearling. But I don't know if I've seen the new one yet. I'll have to check out Hallmark.

Wow, I cannot imagine someone memorizing the entire NT. Reminds me a little of the movie Freinheit 451 where they outlawed all sorts of books. People then went into secret hiding in order to memorize books and pass those on by repeating them to others. Who knows what persecution will require us to do someday.

Posted Hymn portion:
One mark of a true believer is their love for Him and His ways. It's curious how songs for Him just seem to well up in us and we can't help but sing out.

Brings to mind this scripture...

Ephesians 5(KJV)
19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;
20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;


The valentine is beautiful. This is quiet a young lady all dressed in her ribbons and bows with even her kitties dressed up for the tea.

That is very much of an accomplishment even for 20 years. I have a lot of it memorized but I am sure not that much. I know that the Lord tells us to hide His Word in our hearts so we can never know too much.

Have a happy week, my friend. connie from Texas

Flip Flop Floozie said...

one great thing about being sick is being able to have the 'excuse' that you can rest and read!!
I love that old hymn. it was one of my great grandmother's favorites. i always think of her when I hear it.