Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Finally done for the year! Except for the fact I am still buying a few pretty ornaments at the Good Will store, compliments of 'Target' donations. And at 75% off. I have decided that I have a disease called 'Wonderful-itus'....that strikes me often while out shopping. Its such a fun affliction, causing me to oooh and aaah, especially if the price is right. I've brought home so many books already this year. Can you imagine my wonderful-itus happiness when we found a copy of 'Affairs at Thrush Green, by Miss Read'...??!! I have many of her books but not this one until now. And for $1.99! So many special things to read and enjoy....and other things donated to Good Will as I clean closets. Blessing for blessing. Hope you are having a really good day!

"And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work;....II Corinthians 9:8"

God's grace enables us to do things we ordinarily would perhaps have no desire to do. It gives us power to do his will. God's grace is his divine help. There is grace for every situation. I like the word itself. Grace. It sounds like something special in the midst of life. And it is special. There is witnessing grace, dying grace, flunking grace, and on and on. The humble say, 'God can be God in my life'. We can't control every situation in life, as much as I'd like too! Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound....


Mrs. Darling said...

I just bought two new ornaments myself today. They are my weakness. Actually they were Valentine ornaments for I dont know what but they make lovely tree ornaments.

Senkyoshi said...

Your room looks so inviting. I love the colors.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I too love these sales. i bought paper from Target this past week at 90% off and it cost me a whole 29 cents a roll!! That is my way of doing things!!
Your front room looks so inviting and homey!! We could just sit and enjoy it!!
Take care. Sandy

Mrs. Mac said...

Christmas time is wonderful ... but I do enjoy getting back to my basic home without all the decorations. Great finds you have discovered ... and to think you had to bless someone else by giving a few things away too ;)

sparrow's song said...

I really like the rich reds in your house. The beautiful tree just touched the entire room off.

A sale for a great item is a priceless fine. One can never have enough books.

you shared,
God's grace is his divine help.

There is grace for every situation....There is witnessing grace, dying grace, flunking grace, and on and on.

What a wonderful nugget. He enables or helps us, as you say, and empowers us to do what is right. His Spirit releases us from being slaves to sin and enables us to be slaves to righteousness. Or IOW, we go from practicing sin to practicing righteousness. Only what is done through Jesus Christ can glorify Him because He works through us. The more we abide in Christ, the more He enables us to habitually practice what is good according to His definition.

dying grace

I was just thinking to God about this recently, considering my cousins words (she's not saved) that she is afraid to die. I shared with her that I wasn't because I know that Jesus keeps me. I did explain since I've never died, I have some fear for perhaps any pain that might be included but I trust Jesus will be there for me and I'll rest in Him when that time comes. For this reason, I don't have to allow fear to steal my joy. I'll have to trust for how much of that God uses to speak to her heart.

Ann said...

What a pretty tree! Isn't it fun when we find bargins?