Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks for coming by! I can hardly believe that its been almost a week since I've posted. Having my Husband home all the time makes the days go so much faster! We just got back from visiting my sister-in-law at the rehabilitation hospital. She is still confined to bed except for twice a day when they get her up to walk. No sitting & she has sugar diabetes so has slow healing from her surgeries.

I went to our spinning guild's 'spin in' Saturday and was glad I did. It got me spinning again and I've really gotten alot done. About 4 ounces of wool is spun and I have 4 more to do of this wonderful blue/purple wool roving. I'm thinking of knitting scarves. I got a good bit of knitting done in the car on the trip to visit C. Its just possible I have too many hobbies...grin. My Mother once told me, never turn down the chance to learn something new, and I've followed her advice pretty well.

The picture is an ATC I did for a swap not too long ago. Collage is such fun, and a great outlet for creativity. Starting in December I will be teaching a Sunday School class of 2nd & 3rd graders and am looking forward to it. Remember the attendance charts with the blue bird stickers etc.? And flannelgraph and games and Bible truths? Things that stick in the memory sometimes for a lifetime and hopefully in the heart forever. Well, I'd better run, its after 10 pm and hubby wants me to go with him to a medical appt. in the early a.m. tomorrow. So I can't stay up to late. Wishing you a pleasant day tomorrow!

"So then, faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17 You know, this was one of those verses I never had to learn. When I heard it and realized what it meant it just stuck in my heart. I'm thankful...=) God is so good.

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Anonymous said...

This little atc is so adorable. I love the word 'dream'...perfect :o) Hope your holidays are going well. We had Thanksgiving at my aunts since we didn't want her and her husband to be alone so it was a nice quiet Thanksgiving...just what we wanted. I am so glad to be feeling better. Being sick for a month was no fun. It was actually the lingering cough that didn't want to give up. My wee one is in school and healthy again. How is the weather there? We are still in shorts here in FL. Hey, did you ever get the gesso? I love gesso. It is so much fun and gives such a nice look to things. Well, I just wanted to come by and say 'hi' since I haven't had alot of time for blog visiting. Is it me or did these holidays come by alot sooner than past years, lol. Hope all is well with you. I have missed seeing your art and passages. Take care. Hugs.