Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Guess what I'm thinking about? smile...Hopefully tomorrow will find me doing a little knitting anyway. I've been away from it a couple of weeks, so will have to rip out a couple of rows so there won't be a 'line' of stop & starting. ~~We are having revival meetings at church, how precious to have the privilege to attend them. I received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour at revival meetings long ago. Its a decision I've never regretted, just the opposite in fact. My heart is filled with peace....knowing my sins are forgiven...Jesus paid the penalty for them at Calvary. "Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved!"~~I just finished a really great read...'Jimmy' by Robert Whitlow. Has anyone else read this author? This is the first book I've read written by him. Its a very touching story, and oh so special. The author has a really nice website that is worth the time to visit.


Amy said...

oh my goodness! that vintage book looks like something I need to read lol I still have yet to learn how to follow a knitting pattern *sigh*

sparrow's song said...

"I received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour at revival meetings long ago."

A God ordained meeting in time that forever changed your life. Wonderful!!

If I may...

I was only 13 when I heard the message of salvation for the first time outside my home church. The entire Church was singing and praising God, when the pastor stepped up and hushed everyone. Then he said, "There's someone here who wants to accept the Lord today. Who is it?" My hand shot up and I yelled out, "It's me!" (blinking back tears as I relive this in memory) He welcomed me forward and then led me through a prayer of confession and acceptance and then allowed me time alone to just worship Jesus right there where I was kneeling. God honored my child like faith that He would meet me there. It was a moment of transforming power. And even though I fell away until age 21 and then coming home, I never forgot those precious moments of when I first encounter the Living God.

I can hear that sweet song He wooed me with...

Shackled by a heavy burden beneath a load of guilt and shame

Then the hand of Jesus touched me and now I am no longer the same

He touched me yes he touched me and all the joy that floods my soul

Something happened and now I know he touched me and made me whole

Since I met that blessed Saviour oh since he cleansed and made me whole

I will never cease to praise him I'll shout it while eternity rolls

Cause he touched me...

Ann said...

I just love those old ads. How did the knitting go? We do serve an awesome GOD!