Monday, August 13, 2007

A very special thanks to Claudia for giving me this award! I am so honored, and appreciate knowing her and rejoicing with her in the gift of being homemakers..that love God. Thank you Claudia! *big hug*. Her blog is so beautiful....a treat to visit...big smile.
When receiving this award or one of the following, you are to pass it along to 5 other people. (If you have the time and want too). Its hard to pick just 5 out of all the special blogging friends but here goes....
I give the Creative Blogger Award to Marlene.She spins and knits beautifully.I can't tell you all the help she has given me. She has a gift for teaching and I really enjoy her blog and friendship.
Another 'Creative Blogger Award' to my blogging friend Marie. Her writings are informative and sometimes humorous but always thought provoking. Thanks Marie! I enjoy your posts.
I give the 'Thoughtful Blogger Award' to Senkyoshi. Our missionary in Japan. She so often reminds me of the love of Jesus and what it means to have a life centered around him. I see the LORD at work in her life, giving grace and victory in her language studies and in making a new home and life in Japan.
An 'Inspirational Blogging Award' to my blogging friend Saija. Her blog reflects her devotion and love for Jesus, through sunshine or shadow. She blesses my heart.
And, an 'Inspirational Blogging Award' to Connie. She has a wonderful ministry with her blog. Beautiful and powerful posts, illustrating the truths of the Bible. I'm thankful for her testimony and gift for counselling. *hugs* Connie!
To participate in your blog award please go here and find out more about it. You don't need to participate if you'd rather not, I completely understand.
Only five awards really isn't fair to all the blogging friends that bless my life weekly! I didn't realize how hard this would be to pick only 5. Whew! And, Blogger let me down and squished my Awards' into such tiny print I had retype alot of it! How much I take for granted with Blogger. Off to re-do the links. Hope your Monday is beautiful.


Mrs. Darling said...

Always looking for inspiring blogs. Ill have to follow these up!

sparrow's song said... appropriate in describing you. Congrats!!