Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm in a bit of a hurry this morning ...just wanted to say Hello if you come I saw that the awards names had no links so I fixed that...if you'd like to visit thier blogs I'm sure you would enjoy them. I found out this last week, that I am a messy person...always leaving odds and ends lay here and there, and then having to spend longer time picking up. I will do houswife pledge for the week. Trouble is, I get geared into something and have trouble switching gears. Anyone else like that? Once I get turned in another direction I sometimes don't get back! So, thats why I knitted by the hour yesterday, otherwise my summer sweater will never get done this year or any other year! Well, I have to admit, I have my abilities in my that means I enjoy LOTS of hands-on things. Like music, knitting....spinning etc. Math & languages etc...I'm not good at. I appreciate my online freinds so much, and visiting your lives and homes through blogging is wonderful. Just wish I had time to come by more often!


smilnsigh said...

You get sort-of-stuck on one project. And I have a kind of a worse habit... that of keeping being distracted, by this and that thing-to-be-done. I'll begin to do one thing, and remember something else, which *has* to be done, and switch to that, and then to another. In the end, I'm way behind in getting to my first project. -sigh- So we all have our own personal Oh-My-Habits. -smile-

As to your comment in my City Photos blog... Yes, we {family} all agree on keeping personal info private, on the open Net. I never put photos of my children/grand children on the open Net, etc.

And it's neat for you to have a blogging name too!

Sorry about blogger giving you fits. -sigh- I certainly understand. -repeat sigh-

But I don't understand what you mean by your cursor being blocked out of my sidebar on 'Smilnaigh' blog? Everything in my Sidebar is just "How I Blog" stuff. The only clickable links, are to my other blogs. Maybe that's what you refer to?

I don't put my favorite blogs, in my Sidebar 'cause I have so many. Plus, if I ever change my blog habits, it could be hurtful to someone. I just never chose to put links to others in my Sidebar, but that's just my choice.

I use 'Google Reader' to keep my *oodles* of blog links. It shows me when anyone posts a new entry, so I don't have to read all, to find new posting. Etc. Have you even heard of it?


Patty H. said...

Hi, just visiting and thought I'd comment. I enjoyed the visit to your blog. Nice yard sale finds! The shelf is lovely.
You mentioned low blood pressure. I too deal with this and I have low energy also. So, I think it comes together, along with the dizziness upon standing.
Which really is a blessing for me as my mom has high blood pressure and her dad passed because of a stroke.
Any way, have a blessed day
Patty H.

sparrow's song said...

It seems that life during the summer is so much more busy than any other time of the year, except right around Christmas.

I'd love to see that sweater when you've finished.

Thank you for all that you pour into a comment along my blog.

Hope your evening is pleasant.

Mrs. Darling said...

Yep, I too get on a project and get overly focused but the kids make sure I dont zone out too badly! There always ready to snap me back to the work at hand by their little demands. :)

Ann said...

Hello! We made it home! Had a greta time! Photos to come soon! I'm mailing out your ATC tomorrow. Can't wait to see what you've done! Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pop over and say 'hi'. Sounds like all is well and you are busy with all your wonderful hobbies. Hope the weather is treating you good. It has been hot here but we jump into Montana's little kiddie pool and cool off. Take care and talk to you later.