Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A sampling of an old treasured book of mine. If you would like to read it and can't seem to find a copy anywhere, you might try the Library Interloan program most all library's have now. Come see this beautiful rose I must post a picture of my own sweet roses soon. We just planted 4 bushs and all are digging their toes in and blooming . I'm


sparrow's song said...

I love the cover! Are the roses raised? What is the copyright date?

HomemakerAng said...

egg pic is fine to have :) let me see what you are doing with it :) sounds fun!

Ann said...

Just home from work and found your comment waiting for me. Lovely. thanks! I love old books. The covers are such treasures.

smilnsigh said...

You do have your own copy!

I just tried to post in a later entry here. But maybe I didn't do it right 'cause I don't yet see it... So I will try here.

Anyway, I looked for that lovely sounding book in my library system and it isn't there. I see only one old one on and it is quite expensive. Treasure your copy! But I'm sure you do. :-)

And you asked about clip art I put in my entries. I don't own any. I get them on the Net. And I put clickable links at the bottom of my entries, so others can go to the sites. I think this is alright to do, with posting. Hope so. I feel it's sort of free advertising for the sites.