Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The picture with the wool on the rack is my finished result. I dipped it in and out of sudsy water many times using the blue basket to support it, then rinsed it many times. Then I folded it into a bath towel and let it spin in the washer for a bit. Its like fluffy cotton, and I'll try carding some tomorrow hopefully. Even if it turns out to be unusable I'll still get to try out the carder. The carder straightens out the wool. I'm learning as I go. Spinning is not hard but I think you have to get the hang of it by practising. I learned to spin on my drop spindles which helped me when I got my spinning wheel. Spinning is very enjoyable! I haven't had time to come visiting you but I'll be by later on. If you're here thanks for coming over. Hope you're having a pleasant Wednesday! I still have to shower and rinse out another batch of wool yet and its LATE!

This is the dirty fleece/wool....a huge bag of it. The locks are long but so dirty.

Picture #2 is the fleece in the blue basket in the washing process. I don't know if it will be usable at this point or not. I gave it about 15? baths...oh dear! We have had a lot of rain here recently.

Just when I was wondering whether to buy combs or cards I had the opportunity to buy this carder which is one someone had and never used anymore. Happy day...I'm anxious to try it out. I got it the same day my husband's cousin sheared and gave me the fleece..unfortunatly the fleece is thick with mud..etc. Whoops, almost forgot to say, propped up on the carder ...... is my very first 117 yards of yarn that I spun and plyed just this week...=).


Anonymous said...

I am loving reading about your spinning? I know nothing about it but find it interesting when you write about it and when you show pics. Can't wait to see more. Hope you are having a wonderful week :o)

Mrs. Mac said...

wow ... this is a great hobby/craft. but it makes me happy to buy store bought clothing and not have to spin my own to keep my family warm :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Ya know, sometimes it seems like spinning wool would be a rather neat thing to do but then I see the wool and Im not sure I could stomach it. lol