Friday, February 02, 2007

You can click on these to enlarge them, and if you hold your cursor in the bottom right hand the picture will enlarge a second time and you will be able to read the print. Thats the way it works on my pc anyway. I'm off to have some yogurt and get to bed...hope you enjoy these as much as I am.

While shopping at the antique mall the other day, I bought a Better Homes & Garden magazine from February 1940. Eight years before I was born. We paid $4.50 cents for this magazine which sold for 10 cents back then. Anyway, this add is my absolute favorite and I am enjoying seeing what life and advertising was like back then. What a beautiful car, it looks like it could plow through any blizzard, doesn't it?
I'm going to post a few pictures/add over on my vintage blog. Hope you enjoy the nostalgic look back in time as much as I am. I'm having a ball with this magazine. It's a keeper..=).


Mrs. Mac said...

We had a Nash in the early 1960s. To me it seemed so ancient (in my infantily memory). Couldn't wait to get a car with a squared off top instead of the old fashioned round top :) What did we get? A cool looking black Rambler.

Mrs. Mac said...

That's infantile ... not infantily :)

Ann said...

Great ad and magazine! I have several old magazines myself I've saved just for the ads.