Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This sweet little pin is one my Mom made so many of, a few years back. It is only a little wooden ice cream spoon (the ones you hate to have to eat with!). Paint it white. Buy two different size wooden hearts at the craft store and paint them. Use a pen to print the greeting and draw the eyes and mouth. Glue a tiny pom-pom on for a nose. Glue on the bow and two candy 'red hot' hearts, spray with glitter and glue the pin back on, and you have a little charmer to brighten up your Valentine's Day. Wish I had thought to post this sooner...=).


Amber said...

How cute and easy. You could do that for many holidays! Have a wonderful day!

Friends Are A Gift said...

Love your site!

Hello, I’m BJ I just stopped by to view your site and say God Bless You.

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