Friday, February 09, 2007

Here is the rest of the story. I 'll post that picture at the bottom of the page for you. Its so interesting how great a part artists' illustrations are used in the whole magazine....almost no photographs compared to the artwork. Must have been a good way to make a living in 1906 if you had that kind of talent.


Amber said...

OH...what a romantic story. I absolutely love the ending. I am so happy for them. Thank you for sharing that. Hopefully you can do it again soon. No, I do not embroider but I would love to learn one of these days. That site showed some interesting tips for learning. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Marie said...

I've read this twice to figure out why it is sad. Why did it make you cry? Aren't they going to get to live together in the Ladies' home now? Help!