Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Enjoying the story with me? Hope so! I've had a busy day but a happy one. I scrubbed floors and ironed clothes and still had time to blog and have fun. Because it was so cold...the whole corner of my world seemed very quiet and I loved it. As if everything was at peace...and thankfull me, tucked inside all day, taking care of the home fires ..literally really. Then tonight, the cello lesson. The college room was freezing us with a wicked draught..I was glad to get back home and inside to the steady warmth of the woodburner. Untill tomorrow or the day after....stay cozy. "My friend shall forever be my friend, and reflect a ray of God to me." Henry David Thoreau.
Remember you can click on these to enlarge them and by holding the cursor over the lower right hand corner they will enlarge again....and be easy to read. My pc works this way...hope yours does too.


Amber said...

I thought there would be a romantic side to him....so sweet.

Thanks for that link yesterday. She is a really neat lady. She takes wonderful pictures.

Marie said...

Oh, who's going to go where?

I love the point made, that he would be ashamed to go to the nice place and have her go work. That wouldn't have occurred to me.