Friday, January 19, 2007

Its a cold snowy night here, a good night for the penquins. And, not having anything ready to post, I pulled this photo from the batch of pictures we took when we visited the zoo a couple of weeks ago. Its late and I am so ready for bed. I still have to pack hubby's lunch. I've been in my craft room, crafting away. Even though its late, I'll still read a few pages or more of my current book in bed, untill elusive sleep comes and steals me away. Anyone else like me? You can be dead tired and still not sleepy. The camera's batteries are dead or I'd show you the books my husband bought me tonight at our local bookstore, which I adore to visit....=). One is a new novel by Lynn Austin...'All She Ever Wanted'. A children's novel which looked good..and 'Fast Cards' ( for making greeting cards)..(insert lest you think I'm a card shark (not)...grin) by Sarah Beaman. And, like I just have oodles of time to waste...'Sticky Note' Origami. It looks like fun, so....I absolutely love books, but I love my generous and loving husband far far more, of course...=). He's a special guy. I'm off to rinse off the leaf lettuce and build a sandwich for his lunch. See you tomorrow, Lord willing.

"Thy word is like a garden, Lord, with flowers bright and fair;....And everyone who seeks may pluck....A lovely cluster there. ~~Thy word is like a deep, deep mine, And jewels rich and rare...Are hidden in its mighty depths, For every searcher there." Hymn...'Thy Word is Like a Garden, Lord'. Edwin Hodder/Gottfried W. Fine


Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Your books sound interesting and fun! And how very thoughtful of your husband to get them for you!
I hope you were able to enjoy them today.
I sometimes get so wrapped up in my work that I have to unwind a bit before I can fall asleep, even though I feel very tired. I often read a devotional called "Table Talk". Have a great evening, Maggie Ann!

Shelley said...

I love penguines! They are so cute!! Thanks for sharing the picture :o)

Saija said...

wouldn't it be neat to own a used bookstore? i love being around books, seeing books, holding books -tho' maybe not dusting books *laughing* - you're hubby sure knows how to give a perfect gift, doesn't he?

blessings on your sunday coming up!

Ann said...

I'm moving into my craft but had to take a few seconds to check my mail and favorites blogs. I've been sorting and deciding what to keep and what to throw away or give away all day. Fun but tiring. Do you do cross stitch? I have 2 very nice books that I'd like to give away to someone who would use them. I have done it before but I'm just not interested anymore. One is Merry Christmas ABC & the other is Santa's Great Book.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this pic as penguins are my favorite to see whenever i go to Sea World. They are just the cutest and we can't wait till Montana is just a little older to take him...he will love them :o)

Terry said...

Good morning Maggie Ann...I got up a little earlier this morning so that I could at least say hello to a few of my friends.

This is a really good posting, and then you say you had nothing to write about?
Boy if THIS is what it is like for you to have nothing to write about, it sure must be good when yon DO have something to write about!!

Hey, you better get a few extra sets of batteries. You should NEVER be without your camera!
Yesterday at the palace Ian, Katy's son brought his cat over. I took so many pictures that I ran out of battery power and stick power!
But I had plenty of extra in my camera bag!!.....Have a good Lord's Day M-A.....Love Terry

Sharon Kay said...

Your book sound wonderful and I like you have fallen to sleep with a book in hand. Your picture reminds me of the movie I have seen.Happy Feet and it was a wonderful movie that I shared with my granddaughter.

Mrs. Darling said...

I dont do any crafts like that anymore. Any crafting that gets done around here involves little hands and many messes!

melissa said...

Just wanted to say good morning to you! Have a wonderful morning. :)jx