Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The new kitchen wall arrangement. This little shelf was formerly painted cream and above the bookcase that is now the new hutch. I framed Mary E. cards and book pages and painted the frames Cinnamon Cherry Red. The set of blue plates was used for many years at our house. I once admired these dishs at Penny's I think it was. Off we went for home, half way there I commented that I really wanted them and was disappointed not to get something like that. My dear hubby turned the car around, would you it was as normal as apple pie-back we went and he bought me these and I've loved having them over the years. Hurray for kind hearted husbands!!! A sweetheart for


ruth said...

that was so sweet of your husband to turn around like that!! =)

Mrs. Mac said...

Your home is looking so bright and beautiful. Aren't you blessed to have a decorator! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sharon Kay said...

Love the shelf and the pictures and your husband sounds like a keeper for sure. I am also blessed with a wonderful husband and we are both very lucky. Your home is beautiful and very inviting.

Terry said...

Dear Maggie-ann.
Thank you for visiting my my blog and for such nice comments.

I had to work last night but I phoned Bernie and asked him to read my email for me, so I was at Katy'a when I got your message.

That is so nice that you put me on your side bar.
That is something I am still struggling with even with your suggestions and Saija's and Noel Lewis's.

I have got to confess..I just do NOT know how to copy and paste!
I will have to get Betty over here and teach me somehow!
Well one of these frosty Fridays I will figure it out..Ha!!

These are really nice pictures!

Katy has china cabinets just like these and arranged as nicely as they are.

There is just something about about old dishes...classy and yet still homey, eh?....Love Terry

Saija said...

what a beautiful show home you have now!!! yet there is still so much heart & grace to it all, it also feels cozy!!!!