Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I saw a picture of a hutch similar to this in my Mary Englebreits "Home Sweet Home" coffee table book and loved it. After shopping the clearance centers around here and finding nothing that came close, the Lord gave me this idea. The bookcase was one I had designed years ago and was sitting in the entry waiting to be carried upstairs to the attic by hubby. Also, I had this small antique dresser that son was using. No problem, I just put them together and called 'A' and asked her how to tie the top in with the bottom. First she said paint the top of the dresser and the bookshelves the same. When she stopped by soon after, she said, don't paint this dresser. So, following her expert advice, I painted the back board Star Spangled blue...(it shows the dishs off well) and then sanded and stained over the cream bookcase, adding a bit of rubbed on blue to the shelf edges...almost a smoky effect. Charming, if I do say so myself as I smile from ear to ear...grin. It fits in this small room like a hand in a glove. Posted by Picasa


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Mrs. Darling said...

That is totally beatiful. When all my kids are out of the house and I have time to dust knick knacks like that I will call you and ship you out here to help me set mine up! LOL
It was perfectly brilliant of you to put the shelves and the dresser together! What a cool idea.

You all have a happy thanksgiving. Its good to have you back.