Sunday, October 22, 2006

We had precious times of worship today at church, what a gift of God it is to be saved and bow our hearts and knees before him who has made us. The day has gone quickly by and now is over. We...(the choir), are learning to play handchimes at church and they are really pretty to hear. One of the choir members had the group of us over to her house for a delicious lasagna dinner Friday evening and then we got to play the chimes for the first time...ever! I tell you, the older I get, the more fun I'm having. Its great to enjoy different interests. Not only that, it balances the sad things that sometimes happen. God is ever good and to rest upon his love for us is sweet rest!

"Take thine own way with me, dear Lord,....Thou canst not otherwise than bless;...I launch me forth upon a sea....Of boundless love and tenderness." Jean Sophia Pigot


Mrs. Mac said...

You do post the sweetest entries Maggie Ann! Choir bells sound lovely, especially during the Christmas holiday. Have a nice week.

ruth said...

i absolutely love those handbells!! takes me back to fond christmas memories of my family going to christmas celebration/worship nights at a local church every year =)

Mary said...

Hello Maggie Ann,

We also had such a good service at church yesterday. We had a special group of sisters, His Own, from Springfield, TN who sang. Maggie Ann, I thought of you when they sang, Paid In Full. What a price our dear Savior paid!
I love to hear and watch bell choirs. Have a wonderful day!

P.S. I emailed you Saturday evening.

Rachel said...

It's so neat how we can find joy no matter the circumstances...God is so good like that. Will the chimes be for Christmas? If so, that's something to look forward to. :o)