Monday, October 16, 2006

This pretty tag is from the Flickr collage group. I wish I had written down the person's name who is sharing...I must remember to in the future. I'm just getting started with my day and glad to see the sunshine. The frost has killed most of my flowers so a quick weeding outside is in order today. I just visited a new 'blogging friend' and she has a real heart for God. I think you will enjoy visiting her too! Go by her 'Happenings' blogg when you have a

I need to clean up my computer table...its such a mess. But, I'm at the age where if I put something out of sight-you guessed it-out of mind! And, I keep finding all these knitting notes and url's I want to remember, you know how it goes, don't you?

"I wish I had a row of desks....extending endlessly away, For then I'd never clean them up-...I'd use a new one every day. " R.McCann

"If he shall not lose his reward who gives a cup of cold water to his thirsty neighbor, what will be the reward for those who by putting books into the hands of those neighbors, open to them the fountain of life? ....Thomas a Kempis Lets not forget that our neighbors and strangers all around us are perishing...perishing. Lets push ourselves to share the gospel when we may with God's blessing upon us...though Satan would weigh our minds down with doubts and fears, God will lift us up with joy and strength. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, for he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 23


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Maggie Ann...I love the quote about the different desks. What a mess that would be and just how big of a house would you have to have to keep all of those desks? smile!! Have a great day. It is cloudy and no sun and chilly for Savannah today.
My MM is up if you have not already visited...

Marie said...

How about a notebook in your computer desk? You can write all the little bits of info in it but avoid all the little scraps of paper.

Shelley said...

Marie has a great idea, about keeping a notebook by your computer to write the URLs and links in.

We had some frost a week or two ago, and my parents' flowers are pretty much dead now too. It was sad because they had a ton of dahlias still in bloom - gorgeous. Oh well, there will be more next year!

Karen Twombly said...

My flowers are freezing up as well. I am hoping to plant my mums to see if they will come up next year on their own.
Thank you for mentioning my blog. :)

Saija said...

i ordered a computer desk ... i gave away the large one i had at the house and have been using this itty bitty OLD corner table (that isn't too sturdy) ... i'm looking forward to having some sort of order in my life ... yay!