Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Guess who's Grandma this is? How I loved to go visit her. (sorry about the cig. she didn't often smoke..wouldn't you know this pic she did...of course the world always thinks it they would say today, forgetting the importance of health. My Grandma suffered thru some 19 strokes later in life spread out over the years & they finally killed her...sad) ANYWAY.....She would take my hand in hers and rub it and, smile. I was a serious little thing. I'm noticing the pretty wall paper in this picture and I remember the plush...velvety upholstered furniture she had. A reader's paradise...and did they (3 daughters & Gran) ever devour the Grandma made her own bread, and liked to bake and there was the endless needlework and novels strewn about the living room and the rest of the Plus those purring cats rubbing up against your legs. And the candy dishs...and blooming houseplants. ~~~I wish I had time to come visiting you-all today, but I need to get going here quickly. I've got a cello lesson and I've got to drive up to town plus pick up a dining room chair we ordered. I will post a picture of that as soon as the camera batteries charge up (& I find the charger...grr). Also a picture of the work on the patio will be coming along. If you're here....I'm so glad you came over and I hope you have a peach of a day!

"Many favors which God gives us ravel out for want of hemming through our thankfullness; for, though prayer purchases blessings, giving praise keeps the quiet possesion of them." Thomas Fuller


Isabelle said...

Lovely picture of your grandma! Ah, the pleasure of reading in an armchair... with a cat or two (or three!) around... Swap that cigar with a cup of tea, and that's bliss to me! ;)

Have a great day, Maggie Ann!

Dawn said...

I love the picture! I did a tribute to my grandma a few months ago. Wonderful memories!

I know what you mean - I would love to visit all my blog friends every day, but only make it about once a week. Too much to do, but it's such fun to stop by and then get a comment as well!

Have a great day.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hey Maggie Ann, I stopped by and that reminds me of my grandmother too cigarrette and all. She had so many going that sometimes she would have one in one room and then there would be one in another room. You know then that was the fashion. Now we know the difference. At least I do. Great write up. Have a fun day. My Wordless Wednesday is finally up. with caring for my 2 grandkids this week I have been a busy grandmother..Sandy

Terry said...

Hi Maggie-ann...Thanks for visiting me before you went to your cello lesson!
Yes, I guess I have been in a blogging way.
The truth of the matter is that little Katy is in the hospital, so I am off for a few days.
Because she is not realy ill, I haven't been really worried and thought that a few days off would be good.
She will be home in a couple of days.
When I had to go out for a few minutes though and got into the car and saw the freshly done laundry that Bernie had done,it suddenly hit me how I really DO miss being with her at the palace. Bernie always does her laundry for her and he puts it into the car for me to take back when I am working.
I didn't know that I missed her until I saw that bag full of clothes and sheets.
She is alright though. She just had a little bit of a urinary infection so they thought it best that they keep her in the hospital for a few days of treatment.
She just celebrated her 86th birthday on the 19th and I have several pictures that I want to put on my blog site.
Maybe tomorrow...

This picture of your gramma is so nice. I never even noticed the cig in her hand until you mentioned it Maggie-ann. I never smoked and when some people that used to would apologize saying, "It is such a bad habit"..I would say that there are worse things than that. I think using your mouth to talk meanly about or to other people is a far worse thing to do!!
Just imagine that smoking granny of yours was so gentle with you Maggie-ann and had a house full of good things!! AND ALL of those kitties...How grand!!Bernie would have loved to visit there!
I am one that doesn't pay too much mind to furniture but that chair that she is sitting on is just gorgeous!!
The new modern funiture of today can't hold a candle to those old chairs..So comfortable!!You could SIT in them!
I hate going to someone's house and the furniture is covered in plastic and you sit there and stick to it!
No I much rather prefer these old timer chairs and if they are covered at all that it be with crocheted afghans. Lots more warm and comfy.

In your own sweet way you HAVE come and visited us today Maggie-ann with this lovely picture and all the good stuff you remember about your gramma!!

Take care now. This chatter box will give somebody else a chance to talk..
Ha!! that Flip Flop and her wordless Wednesday, sure can do HER share of talking,eh? hee hee!!...Love Terry

Tracey said...

Maggie Ann, I want to thank you for taking me there. Seriously. While reading your words, I could picture it all perfectly. What lovely go along with a lovely woman. :o)

Mindy said...

Precious post and picture of a lovely woman. Thank you for sharing this with us all...enjoy your day my friend..Blessings to you and yours..

Amy said...

awww what a sweet lady, love the art deco chair she's sitting in.

Marie said...

It is interesting that she would say to you, smile, smile; so often your posts and comments include a (smile).

Marlene said...

I love the smile on your grandma's face. It looks so gentle and loving.

We had a borrowed chair much like that for the first many years of our marriage. The feet are identical, and the size/proportions are the same too, but it has straight blocky arms. It belonged to my husband's grandmother and has now been reupholstered by my sister-in-law.

Mrs. Mac said...

Hope your day was productive with the music and errands ... it's funny to see "grandma" smoke ... mine did too on rare occassions. I actually liked the smell when Grandpa would first lite up a cig ... something about the zippo lighter fluid probably (lol). Glad I never started the habit.

Jess said...

My grandmother smoked 1 cigarette a day, in the morning time. She still does I believe. Sh'es a woman of moderation. ;-)

I loved this picture, and you sharing your memories. I miss being a child and the perception I had of the people I loved.

Terri said...

What lovely, warm memories you have of your gramma. Makes my heart warm to think of home like hers!

Are the cello lessons yours?? I think the cello is such a romantic instrument! Have you played long?

Have a great day!
God bless!

Karen Twombly said...

Your grandma's house sounds like a lovely, happy place to be. I miss my own grandma very much too!! :) Have a wonderful day!
Karen Twombly

Anonymous said...

Hello. I just wanted to say thanks for all your nice comments. I look forward to hearing from you. As usual, I really enjoy your blog! Your daughter told me you know a lot about Orchids. Any lessons you can share? I know absolutely nothing. I need to do some research. Gotta run. Hope you have a wonderful day. Temmy

Sharon Kay said...

Good post and what wonderful memories you have. I thank God for all the memories of my family. Your grandma looks like she was a fun person and how I remember the house dresses that were so popular back then.

sparrow's song said...

What wonderful memories of your grandma. Mine had beautiful velvet furniture too. The other day we saw a modern rug sample with the same textured spirl she used to have in her carpet.

Lately the Spirit has encouraged me to relax into the Lord's sovereignty instead of wrestling with the circumstances. What a relief to walk in faith understanding that in His timing and His way it will come to pass. How quickly we forget.

I miss you.