Sunday, September 10, 2006

I wish I could share the 'Friendship Cake' recipe with you but I was only given a 'starter' of it. My friend calls it the 'Amish Friendship Cake' and I know its a sourdough recipe. Sorry I can't help other than that. Maybe a search engine could come up with the original recipe...someone out there has it, thats for sure. If I ever find it, I'll post it. This starter gets 'fed' 1 cup of flour, milk, and sugar on the 6th day, and then on the 10th day it gets 'fed' the same, plus divided for baking.
I got to bed late last night, and have paid for it today. I enjoyed our church services, but have to admit I was looking forward to a nice nap in the afternoon, which never happened! And, I'd love to have the time to do some needlework of any kind tonight...that is so relaxing, but..I need the sleep more =). Its great to be at the cozy end of the day now. I just washed my hair and oh luxury....whoever invented shampoo gave us a great thing, thank you...thankyou! I remember my Grandma's kitchen sink, where my Aunt used to wash up. The kitchen table piled with mail and homemade bread and jams and applesauce. Cats rubbing against your legs and purring away with contentment. Books and needlework strewn all over the living room amidst the houseplants. A feminine castle to be sure. My castle is different from thiers, for mine has a king (hubby) to rule, while the queen bee..(me) (smile) has so many projects at hand she needs ladies in waiting to help her. I try to keep my projects out of sight mostly...but they surface quite often...and make havoc with neatness untill I tuck them out of sight again. Thats ok, I love them anyway! Speaking of love, I'll leave you with this beautiful thought....

"Be absolutely certain that our Lord loves you, devotedly and individually, loves you just as you are.....Accustom yourself to the wonderful thought that God loves you with a tenderness, a generosity, and an intimacy that surpasses all your dreams." Abbe Henri De Tourville

"Just as I am, without one plea, But that Thy blood was shed for me, And that Thou bidd'st me come to Thee, O Lamb of God, I come! I come!"

Just as I am, and waiting not...To rid my soul of one dark blot, To Thee whose blood can cleanse each spot, O Lamb of God, I come! I come!

Just as I am, Thou wilt receive, Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve; Because Thy promise I believe, O Lamb of God, I come! I come!"Charlotte Elliott/William B.Bradbury


Amy said...

Thanks for clarifying about the recipe, I"ll do a search for it :-)

Mary said...

Good morning Maggie Ann,

I sympathize with the lack of sleep. My DH was gone just one night to visit his parents and I could not sleep that night and over the weekend I have battled a migraine and this morning it is back to work. I slept pretty well last night and I can hop out of bed with no problem and I know that is a blessing. Many people cannot do that.
I have some projects out and about in this home also, with books and magazines about but my mom always said homes are meant to be lived in. I try to remind myself of that. Have a wonderful day!

Gina E. said...

Hi Maggie Ann,
Love your description of the bygone days kitchen, with cats purring around your legs - lovely! And your own house now, with your craft projects surfacing until they are tucked out of sight; I can relate to that! I used to keep my current stitching projects in a basket behind the couch in our lounge room, but Ken kept on complaining that it was in the way (in the way of what, I never knew), or it was untidy, or whatever, until I just gave up and took the basket back into my den at the other end of the house!

sharonkay said...

Get some rest and you will be ready to go again. Sounds like a good day in the kitchen and I so love all your pictures.

Terry said...

So lovely Maggie-ann!!
Have you ever thought of writing a book? Your descriptions are so vivid!

I can just see those cats purring around your ankles..and all that good stuff covering your gram's table!

Yes and to be sure, shampoo WAS a good invention!
With so many heads of hair in our family to wash though, my mom could not afford it so she used to wash our hair with dish soap!! Ug!!
But one good thing about THAT was that at least we DID have greaseless hair!! Ha!!

Your verses at the end are so nice Maggie-ann...
I wonder just how many people we will see in heaven who have come to the Lord through the words of that dear old hymn??

How simple it is...Just COME!! Terry

Have a restful day my friend..

We are remembering 911 today.
We still have the American flag along withour Canadian flag together and "United we Stand" in our window and it will always stay there!

sparrow's song said...

What a pleasant and flowing post to read. Queen bee...indeed. *chuckle* I'm one too with several projects hanging undone. I wouldn't be happy any other way.

you shared,
"Be absolutely certain that our Lord loves you, devotedly and individually, loves you just as you are.....Accustom yourself to the wonderful thought that God loves you with a tenderness, a generosity, and an intimacy that surpasses all your dreams." Abbe Henri De Tourville

This is wonderful. I need to print this out and tape in to my mirror so I see if often. One snare used against me is to get my eyes off God's perfect Love and onto my judgement of comparing His in eqaul to my limited and shallow love. What a mistake.

Thank you.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

The sourdough starter is great. I had it when I was young and raising children. I fed it every day but you have to use it. That is a great way to make yourself gain weight and the rest of your family too. It makes the BEST cinnamon rolls!!! Yummy!! I used to have the recipe but I am sure if you go to you can find it again. What a neat post miss Maggie Ann...

Mrs. Mac said...

Nice post, a joy to read!

Mrs. Mac said...

What a lovely post. I gave up on my friendship cake because I didn't want to have to make it so often. Wonder if you could freeze some of the starter ... and I was running out of friends to bless :)

Terry said...

Dear Maggie-ann..Thanks for stopping over again!

Did you see the lovely memorial picture that Saija has on her blog site? It is soooo nice!!. My husband, Bernie just loves it!

As far as that American flag..We love the Americans so much!
If it wasn't for them Canada wouldn't be as free as it is now.
Some of our neighbors don't even talk to us anymore because of those flags but that it is THEIR problem.
That flag has been in our window for five years and it will remian there!!

Your troops are fighting for not only the States but for every other free country in this world and we will be eternally grateful to them!!
On July 4th we cover our whole veranda with American flags...although they are really hard to find now to buy!!

GOD BLESS AMERICA!!.. President Bush and the faithful Troops!!...Love from two grateful Canadians, Bernie and Terry Shirkie