Saturday, September 16, 2006

I forgot to post about our recent trip to Georgia to visit the new aquarium there. It was fabulous!!! There were so many people was very crowded but that didn't stop us from enjoying everything. The other night I happened to catch a show on the Travel channel about the world's best aquarium which is in Spain. Which looked very similar to the Georgia one really. What a treat to experience! I'm hurrying off to do some mending & fun stuff a collage just maybe = )

"In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust..." Psalms 71:1a


sharonkay said...

A wonderful picture and I have also been and was stunned to see all the nature and fish right next to you as you walk ......It sounds like you had a fun day.....

Amy said...

wow that's one enormous shark!

Isabelle said...

Hello - just popping in to say that I've been enjoying catching up on blogs, including yours. What a feast for the eyes as well as the mind!

Saija said...

ohhhhh ... looks cool ... :o)

blessings on your week!!!

Terry said...

This is a really nice picture. I feel a little sorry for the big fish though. They must feel pretty lonely at times because they are not out in the ocean with the rest of their family...

I haven't been able to comment for a bit because of so many things to do in so little time!!

Don't be working too much Maggie-ann. Bernie does all the mending in this family. I am not good at sewing at all!!

When we were first married, I would read the patterns to Bernie and he would cut the cloth and make himself jeans and good pants on our old singer sewing machine that mom had given to us.
Bernie could not read when I first met him.
He did learn to read though after he was saved and started to read the Bible.
It was just so incredible how easy it was for him to learn.
The Bible doesn't have a whole lot of hard words except for the names of some of the people but even a good reader has trouble with those words!...Take care Maggie-ann....Love Terry

Terry said...

Dear Maggie-ann..Thank you for stopping over!

Yes in the end it was kind of a laugh!!

And I guess it DID serve me right in a way.

I was allowed to go through the gates without a pass or without paying, JUST to deliver the lunch to the guys and nothing else!

Well if you know me and I THINK you do by now Maggie-ann, I am a real chatter box and could not help but stop at a few booths to talk to people and to take their pictures...


Anyways after that nose dive, I HAD to go directly to where I SHOULD have been going in the first place.

While waiting for the paramedics, I got talking to an older man.
He seemed very pleasant and very concerned.
I told him that I was alright.
It was just that Grampa Yade's idea that I get looked at.
I asked the man his name and he said he was the man that was the head of the fair and that his name was Mr. B.
"Oh, I said, "That is a Fonthill name!"
"Yes", he said,"I used to be the mayer there!"
So of course I shook his hand and asked him if I could take his picture, to which he gladly agreed!
On my way out, I met him again and told him I would make the picture and mail it to him.
He doesn't know this part though.. I am going to enclose a John 3:16 with it.
He STILL wondered if I was ok and I think he might of been thinking that I would see an a insurance guy about my fall because the indoor-outdoor carpeting WAS bebbled but I told him,
"Mr. B., if you wanted to get rid of ALL the bebbles in that rug, you would need wall to wall masking tape!!"

In the meantime poor Bernie had waited for me for a half hour in the car!! And he didn't even once complain..

There you see Maggie-ann..I AM a chatterbox!
After all I have just talked YOUR ear off,eh?!! ... Love Terry