Friday, August 18, 2006

For Amy...sorry I forgot about this!

Seven things to do before I die...

Learn to like housework...=)
Use time wisely..
Be productive, sewing or crafting daily when I can.
Give up sugar all the time for better health.
Lean more on the Lord.
Conquer getting grouchy when tired.
Live constantly in the perfect peace Jesus gives/no fears.

Seven things I cannot do...

Be a gourmet cook!
Ride rollercoasters.
Trust dogs.
Get my knitting gauge right.
Drive long distances.
Change a tire.

Seven things that attract me to my husband

He's the one for me.
Good looking.
He is born again.
Goes out of his way for others.
Loves me like mad.

Seven favourite books...

The Bible.
Silas Marner.
Whence Came a Prince.
The Yearling.
Anne of Green Gables.
Not a Sparrow Falls.
Girl of the Limberlost.

Seven movies I'd watch again...

Girl of the Limberlost.
Ben Hur.
What the Deaf Man Heard.
Rowena & the Seal Morning.
Avonlea series.
Second Hand Lions
Les Miserables w/Liam Neeson
(using curse-free guardian tv-
just in case!)

And, throwing this in for good measure
5 things in my;


Frozen yogurt..
Ground turkey..
Strawberry Jam
Orange Juice

5 things in my Closet..

Red velvet heart box.
Framed embossed Valentine card.
7 Paul Detlefsen 500 piece puzzles on the shelf.
7 purses.
Lots of clothes.

5 things in the car..

Nail files.

5 things in my purse..

JoAnns coupons & flyer.
Sunday Bible notebook.
Glasses case.

5 things in my wallet..

Library card.
Hallmark card.
Needlework business card.
Kinerase cream packet.
Driver's license.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Maggie Ann, I would say now we know a lot about you!! Don't you think? What a list to have to come up with all of those answer!! A little bit too much for my ole' tired brain right now. My Friday Feast is up!! It is a lot shorter and did not take a lot of thinking..that I just do not need right now!! smile!!
Hope you have a good friday night.

Amy said...

I'd forgotten all about this one lol

byHisgracealone said...

thanks for visiting my blog....will stop back here often...

God Bless

Ruth said...

I can never get my knitting gauge right either! (that's why sometimes I skip doing it - shh!) =) And learning to like housework... that's a bit of a struggle for me too. =)

The Lone Beader said...

5 things in my car:

The Club
Air freshener
Road map of the United States
Crescent wrench