Monday, August 28, 2006

Blogger isn't working well pictures! I was ill yesterday...but am feeling alot better today, no energy though. I'm trying to do just a little cleaning today...this little poem is one I'm fond of..well, really I'm fond of all this author's poems.

"We clean our houses every day, And throw the useless things away.....
But often let our minds for years....Get filled with foolish thoughts and fears." Rebecca McCann.
....I love the following verse and the truth it holds out to us. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 26:3 I think the key word here is 'trusting'. Thats in the present tense and if we are really trusting that God is taking care of us we don't have to worry .....period. That brings the peace I need every hour of my life. Oh, to remember and practise the presence of God...for he hath said to his own..."I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." Hope you are getting lots accomplished today or if you are having a restful day....enjoy and don't worry about the what-ifs.


Amy said...

I had problems with blogger too when I used it, that's why I moved to wordpress but I hope it gets sorted out for you though. I like that quote you posted, so true!

Sharon K said...

I like the poem and it is so true. Hope things get fixed at blogger soon. I have had problems all month with pictures.

Terry said...

Dear Maggie ann..Sorry about the mix up..I meant to write to Sabine but beleive me, I WAS going to write to you next!!

I read your comment on Saija's blog and when I saw that your son was cooking you rice dishes, I was wondering if you get too tired of them,could you send us some over the border. My Mom just loves rice!!!

So then when I came over here to ask you this,I read your profile.

I see that you love the same movies that I do.
The Hallmark movies are so nice. Road to Avonlea used to be on five days a week here in Canada and I think I recorded every one of them.

Did you ever see the three movies put out by Jenette Okes?
We were able to buy them here in Canada at Walmart.
They probaby have them in the States too Maggie Ann.
They are "Love Come Softly", "Love's Enduring Promise" and "Love's Long Journey".

I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well...

I hope in the days ahead that you will be getting better.

Take care now.....from Terry, one of Saija's new friends

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you were sick. I hope your energy returns soon, dear Maggie Ann. A life without worry is a worthy goal and one that I am currently being trained for by the circumstances the Lord has allowed into my life.

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,

What a high compliment you have given me! Was that after reading Maggie Ann's blog or mine? LOL!

melissa said...

You're under the weather but still post a sweet note. Hope tomorrow is even better.

Take care, and thanks so much for being so good to post on mine, when I'm stinky about writing back. :)

Shelley said...

Glad you are feeling better, and hope you get your energy back soon!

Mrs. Mac said...

Thanks for sharing the poetry and Bible verses so often. They seem so appropriate on the days I read them.

Terry said...

Dear Maggie Ann Thank you for visiting my blog.

Maggie..I looked up the books on ebay but I also looked up Walmart and the books are cheaper from Walmart.

Maybe your rice-cooking son will get you the other two you haven't seen for your birthday or something! They would count as a real good dessert after you have had the first course of chicken and rice!! Ha!!...From Terry

Terry said...

Sorry about that Maggie Ann[without an "e'"] Ha!!
I DID mean the movies. The dvds are $9.95 plus $.97 shipping from Walmart, but if you have a Walmart near you , your son could get them there.
Have a good night..From Terry

I just got finished reading Sabine's blog and I will read yours tomorrow..

Elly said...

Sweet friend-you don't need pictures. This was a beautiful post. Hope you feel better soon. Your visits yesterday lifted a weary heart. God's peace Maggie

Terry said...

Dear Maggie Ann...I just thought I would say hello to you now, as I have to go to work for an 19 hour shift and will not be back until tomorrow night.
Just hoping that you will be feeling better.
Now don't eat too much more of that rice...Does your son know how to make kraft dinner for you for a change? Take care now!!... Love Terry

If you put, "Tales of Avonlea" on to Google you will find a really good book to read by Lucy Maude Montgomery.
That and "Further Tales of Avonlea" are online. They are really good short stories!! I love them!!

Saija said...

hope you are feeling better! no fun to be under the weather ...

and yes - blogger was being bad - i used tinypic, though the memory on that doesn't last as long as with blogger ...

thanks for quoting Rebecca McCann - most excellent and true thought!

Mary said...

Hello Maggie Ann,

I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and couldn't comment anonymously, but..I have a blog now so I can comment.
Your blog is so encouraging and uplifting, you just bless my heart with each post. You have so many talents, and I have enjoyed your pictures so much and your posts about tatting! Oh, I would love to learn to tat. I am going to look into it. Loved your quote, so true. I have been reading thru your archives. I am so happy your are feeling better and I look forward to your next post. Blessings to you! Mary

Isabelle said...

Sorry to read you've been ill, Maggie Ann... I hope you're feeling more energy today! Take good care!

sparrow's song said...

I'm glad to hear you're at least feeling a little better. May His strength be Jesus' name.

Great poem.

I think the key word here is 'trusting'. Thats in the present tense and if we are really trusting that God is taking care of us we don't have to worry .....period.

A childlike faith just trusts without a doubt or a question as to whether God is really there and He will help. They just receive Him at His Word.

Matthew 18:3 (Amplified Bible)

3 Truly I say to you, unless you repent (change, turn about) and become like little children (trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving), you can never enter the kingdom of heaven (at all).

But like the posted poem states...I often have foolish thoughts and fears.