Saturday, June 03, 2006

This was the day to weed the flowerbeds for me. Oh my, when I get tired I get grouchy but I'm recovering slow but sure...=). Now that smile is a bit tooo big and cheery for the truth of it, but imagine me with a small smile ok? We are about to go shopping for a metal rod to hang across the laundry room. Hubby has got the suspended ceiling in and it looks very professional but I don't have anywhere to hang clothes. We had this very ingenious set-up before the updating. I had him screw towel hangers upside down from the rafters and that worked well. You never think about all the things that hinge together in a room. Fix one thing, mess up another sometimes. ~~The glorious orange poppies are in full bloom now, they just about glow with color on this overcast day. Hope your Saturday is lazier than mine has been so you can stay cheerful!

"A house is built of logs and stone, Of tiles and posts and piers;A home is built of loving deeds, that stand a thousand years. "Victor Hugo.


Flossy said...

I hope you have a lovely relaxing evening and a good nights sleep and wake up feeling great tomorrow!


HomemakerAng said...

my garden really needs weeding also!!! i was eaten alive last evening when i started to weed it so i gave up quickly!!! no more excuses for i have bug spray now!

Amy said...

They must look lovely, can't wait for mine to come up here when it's summer.

sparrow's song said...

Yes, I told my hubby these were poppies. They line the medium here in our county. Simply lovely. I long to get out there and take close up photos.

A home is built of loving deeds, that stand a thousand years.

A legacy of love.