Thursday, May 18, 2006

This is one of my scrapbook pages. I absolutely love taking sheets of tissue wrapping paper and a glue stick and covering the scrapbook page before I layer things on to it. The nice thing about tissue is that you can also read through it. I also love the pocket 'kleenex' tissue with the pretty prints. Pull apart the layers, usually there are 3, of pocket tissue and its ready to use the same way. It is fragile to work with but I love the results. Scrapbooking/collaging this way is better play than anything I had to do that was fun as a child. My life back then consisted of mainly reading and my paperdoll collection. The first books I can really remember aside from the Scholastic paperbooks the school offered (which I loved!!!...oh the feel and smell of a new book in my hands, looking forward to the story..oh Back to the first books I read and read....were the Nancy Drew series and the Judy Bolton series. As an adult I look back and realize that Judy B. had ghosts and spirits in the stories that were not good for a child, or anyone!

But back to creating today, aren't we blessed beyond measure! The hobbies & skills available to us today are over the moon. Scrapooking...which has come a long way from the glued on newspaper clippings of vintage type found in the antique stores that carry a high price tag for their cracked and darkened pages. I'm hoping to get downstairs and make my very first altered collage....yes, I will post a picture of it, however it turns out...gulp =).

First cello practise, I've neglected my practise yesterday as I kept myself submersed in another great read...Good Hope Road by Lisa Wingate. I marked out all the places where her characters took the LORD's name lightly, which is not to be done. Her books have a lot of wisdom, though she doesn't market her work as Christian fiction she is a worthy author if you protect our Lord's name as you go. I loved the book...about the aftereffects of a tornado that destroyed Jenilee's town but brought the people together in a wonderful way, where faith and love were born.

My husband has updated our phones. He has a Motorola RAZR V3c with a Bluetooth handsfree headset. The trouble with it is that it seems to be ultra sensitive and his voice and mine to him is often muffled. Any suggestions or experience with how to solve this problem?

"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." Joshua 1:9.

A dear friend gave me this verse to hang on to when my father was dying of a brain tumor. I have never forgotten this truth and it did help me just as my heavenly Father intended...his heart is ever reaching out to us....but is ours reaching up to him?. Oh that mine were more steadfast, more in love with my Creator and Saviour! He is so worthy! I am so small and vile yet glory be I am saved by his grace and changed day by day to be like Jesus

"Chorus; Be like Jesus, this my song, In the home and in the throng; Be like Jesus, all day long! I would be like Jesus. Amen." from the hymn...I Would Be Like James Row/Bentley D.Ackley


Flossy said...

Maggie, your scrapbokking page is so pretty! That is a great idea about using the napkins, I will have to try it :) I have just gone out and got some scrapbooking supplies and am planning to have lots of fun with this new hobby!

I hope you have a truly lovely weekend...

Marie said...

I loved Scholastic book days! My mom always let me buy some! It was so fun going through the catalog and picking them out.

I read Bobbsey Twins. My friend read Nancy Drew, and she thought I was babyish

Gina E. said...

Maggie, you post lovely comments on my blog, but you are truly the more creative One! I don't do 'scrapbooking' by today's standards, but I have a scrapbook in which I have pasted pictures of baby animals that I've found in magazines and newspapers over the years. I just melt every time I look through it!
I love that idea with the CD - very much New Millenium thinking! You mentioned having paper dolls when you were small...just imagine: you were probably playing with yours the same time I was playing with mine on the other side of the world!! I LOVED my paper dolls more than anything else I had as a kid.
Marie: The Bobbsey Twins were one of my favorite book series when I was a kid; unfortunately I got rid of them all when I was moving out of home. Dad said "take all your books or I'll get rid of them myself!" Wish I'd kept at least one to browse through now..