Saturday, March 18, 2006

Well, as you can see, I am not having success with Blogger, in posting multiple pictures. Thanks for all the help though. As I tried to drag one picture, another moved itself...I know it sounds absurd, but thats what happened. Back to the knitting....I had this dishcloth on size 5 dpns and decided to switch from the smaller size I was using to the 5's. I was pleasantly surprised to find that after so many months I was able to continue knitting this pattern on round 32 no less. I wish I could say I'm having as good a success on the sock, truth is I'm not. I get past the cuff and the directions are greek to me. have realized (thanks to my knitting books) that to pick up stiches you must use yarn to pick them up that heads me in the right direction and I will have yet another 'go' at it. Other than the pinched nerve or whatever it is in my neck that once in a while threatens me I am enjoying trying to knit a sock for our little darling who I hear gets cuter and more handsome by the day....don't you just know!

A few thoughts from my Bible notebook that I keep notes from the Sunday sermons in.
God's disappointments in our lives may be God's way of showing us that there are idols in our lives that need to be dealt with. (idols= things that we put before God, hobbies etc... even ourselves!)

Dependence on others to have success equals discouragement. Psalm 118:5,6&8

The only truly dependable source we have in our lives is God. Joshua 1:8

Pray for spiritial victory-don't lay the blame on others for our lack of success and spiritial victory in life...(if only my husband would get his act together...or my parents etc)

Don't set your goals to high or to realistic or you will feel like a failure.

Don't give in to discouragement...discouragement can be a learned behaviour. Hebrews 12:12

A pessimest is a sour person who looks for the negative. Pessimisom kills Christian joy.

How to win over discouragement;....Galatians 6:9 When you find yourself discouraged, here is a good way to climb up out of the pit. Review, even get a piece of paper and start to write down all your blessings. Think of all the times God has blessed you and helped you. He's still here for us, waiting to hear from us in contrite prayer and praise. No one ever cared for me like Jesus! the following is simply the chorus from a wonderful hymn I absolutely love because the truth of it rings in my heart and it is God...loving on me! How welcome !

"No one ever cared for me like Jesus, There's no other freind so kind as He; No one else could take the sin and darkness from me, O how much He cared for me." You can find the tune to this in my sidebar to sing'll be


Isabelle said...

Hello Maggie Ann, this is lovely work! I have never learnt to knit and am therefore impressed to see your work...
I wish you could feel the lovely sun here in Paris today!

Blessings :)

Shelley said...

I wonder if you were to try an easier pattern that you don't have to increase stitches in the sock, if then you might have an easier time with them. The patterns I've used so far (really have only used 1 main pattern, esp. for the kid socks) and have had no problems. I'll give you a couple of links you can try to see if you find something you would like to try:

Maybe you'll find something there that you would have better luck with. Also, I suggest checking out the knitting blogs as there are tons of them who talk about socks on there and they might have some help.

Also, try it is a forum for knitting that you can sign up for (free) and post your questions, etc. and the people there will help with suggestions, etc. I've gone there a few times and posted different knitting questions and have had help. There are a lot of wonderful knitters there who seem very willing to answer questions :o)

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Dawn said...

sorry to answer here but did not know where else I could...
Re/ the pattern for the purse...I found the directions on Autum's blog at
Look at the February 20, '06 post.
Love you knitting by the know that..

Finn said...

Hello Miss Maggie, thanks for coming looking for me..*VBS* I'm blessed to have friends like you.

Have been mostly absent for a day or two, but I'll get back, I promise..*S*

The knitting looks wonderful..and yes, *S*, you will have to deal with both increase and decrease on the sock IF you are going to "turn" a heel. Maybe your pattern doesn't do that, or maybe Shelley kids socks are tube type. She's giving you good direction tho, so check those blogs..*VBS* Probably is knitting stuff at also.
We are still dealing with this weeks 24" of fresh snow, and very cold temps again. THe snow is all crunchy and in huge lumps everywhere. IT was very wet, and froze as it was plowed and piled.
Oh joy...*VBS* Hope your neck feels better soon, Hugs, Finn

Saija said...

you've got me humming along ... i love that hymn ... :o)

and lovely knitting & also sharing of good thoughts ... i bet you blessed your own heart in the process of trying to bless your blogging buds!

ms*robyn said...

I admire anyone who would knit socks! They always seemed to confusing for me. Love the little dishcloth, how sweet! and your bible verses are delightful as always xoxo