Saturday, February 25, 2006

Here I am without a picture for this post...a little frustrating. We have the computer back but it seems the power cord to the monitor is still at Best Buy and we must make a special trip to get it. Last night we made a special trip ...about an hour away from us to pick up our dining room chairs which were getting thier legs glued back Sounds a bit like a woman having cosmetic surgery, doesn't it? Only this wasn't cosmetic, it was life saving or these chairs were doomed. So at least we can sit down again in the dining room, although I must admit I have found that putting a jigsaw puzzle together can be done by standing and 'standing' on one's knees just as well for an hour or so. I am so looking forward to using my own computer again....with my own pictures. And to having chairs in the dining room. I should call it the puzzle I'm up a little early for me, the wind is either banging the gutters and making noise or a critter is moving in up there in attic territory. Oh, I hope its not the latter case! Hoping everyone has the pleasantest kind of week-end and that I get back to posting with all the luxury of my own pc....tonight? tomorrow?....Monday at the latest?? Patience....and a little more patience, smile. 'I think I can, I think I can'. said the little engine puffing its way up the hill...(from an old favorite children's storybook). Leaving now to have my morning oatmeal, but not without a verse from that old precious vintage Methodist hymnal I was telling you about.

Peace, troubled soul, thou need'st not fear;
Thy great provider still is near;
Who fed thee last, will feed thee still;
Be calm, and sink into his will.

The LORD, who built the earth and sky,
In mercy stoops to hear thy cry;
His promise all may freely claim;
Ask and receive in Jesus' name.

Without reserve give Christ your heart;
Let him his righteousness impart;
Then all things else he'll freely give;
With him you all things shall receive,

Thus shall the soul be truly blest,
That seeks in God his only rest;
May I that happy person be,
In time and in eternity. Samuel Ecking.


Mindy said...

Oh goodie...I have missed you my friend!!! Hurry back!! Lots of hugs your way..

Flossy said...

I hope you get your computer troubles sorted out soon! I don't know what I'd do without a pc!

Wishing you the loveliest weekend...

Saija said...

well i'm glad to see you are back in the saddle again! except no picture of the horse, but your words give us lovely mind pictures!

blessings to you!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Don't worry that you have no picture. Your postings are always such a joy to read. Marion