Sunday, January 01, 2006

Time has swept another year away, and graciously God ushers us into yet another year. As the saying goes, 'time flys when you are having fun'. We heard excellent messages at church today. Tonights message was on how God's judgement will come to those who ignore him. In the book of Ezekiel God's prophet Ezekiel warned the people of coming judgement. The margin of my Bible here at the computer has this written in it..."3 things about those whose hearts are not right with God; 1. they have a desire for forbidden things-they break away into new age. 2. a feeling of safety if they are religious. 3. They felt God doesn't see us. They had a misconception of God." After many chances to get thier hearts right to no avail, judgement came from God. However, their always was and is a remnant of believers whom God protects...that is so comforting to me.~~~We had the traditional pork and saurkraut for dinner with yes, more gumdrops = ). I got down the pink teapot and had Cinnamon Twist Tea while I read the Sunday paper after dinner. So, we are off to a tranquil start to the new year of 2006. Happy New Year to you !! Posted by Picasa


Finn said...

Love this picture Miss Maggie, it's so homey and comfortable. Love the old clock..*VBS*

Kali said...

Happy New Year sweet Maggie Ann!

sparrow's song said...

You shared,
1. they have a desire for forbidden things-they break away into new age.

*sigh* Agreed. My cousin left God years ago and is now consumed with New Age. I still try to speak with her about the Lord but only He knows how much gets through. When I tell her that I'm praying for her, she redefines it back to me as positive engery. Blah!

always was and is a remnant of believers whom God protects.

Yes!! And they are scattered throughout the earth coming from several different walks of life, cultures, tongues, and races. The Body of Christ doesn't wear a denominational label or can be owned by simply self-proclaiming one's regilious organization as the True Church. It's a group of believers born of the Spirit, a remnant set aside as His Bride. "He is our righteousness."

Me said...

We were at my mother in law's for the New Year.. after church.. also had pork and sauerkraut for dinner.

I asked her (my mil) why people eat pork and sauerkraut on 1st Jan.. but didn't really get an answer.. do you know, Maggie Ann? I like the food well enough.. but I also like to know why we have these traditions!

Lady Laurie said...

Maggie Ann,I wish you and yours a most wonderful and Happy New Year!