Monday, December 26, 2005

We have had a blessed Christmas and are enjoying the season of fellowship with friends near and far. Today leaves memories of a tea party for three friends, with much laughter and fellowship. A memory also of winter beauty as the area my friend lives in got a fresh snowfall of about 4 inchs. Thier home is in the mountains, and the woods were breathtaking with the beauty of the snowfall. Birds were busy at the birdfeeder outside her kitchen window while we sat around the heavily laden table...pouring tea and enjoying not only the delicious food but our friendship as well. And, I want to say a special thanks to everyone that sent me a hankie in the hankie swap. The hankies are lovely and special....just like the senders! Posted by Picasa


Finn said...

Hello Miss Maggie, just popping in to say good night. Tonight it is me who is tired, and off to bed shortly. A quiet day here. Sounds like yours was lovely and of a quiet nature.
So happy you found inner peace about the baking, and that I could be of some help. I don't really know much listen to what comes into my heart and then my head, and that is the message I had for you, dear friend. Next year may be whole different story..who knows? And that'a part of the glory, isn't it?? Hugs, Finn

Isabelle said...

Hello my friend, what a beautiful and serene picture!
I think I can well picture you in your sweet and cosy home... Resting and meditating.

You told me that you might like to send me a card, and I have to confess I would love that! I would love to send you something as well - the idea has crossed my mind several times actually!
Could you email me to give me your address, and this way I could also give you mine? (If the above encoded link does not work, you can reach me by clicking on the envelope in the left-hand bar of my blog).

Rest and relax my friend, and seize the beauty of the day!
(I've had a lovely Christmas and am now back in Paris... Where it's snowing. That's a lovely but cruel sight - my heart aches for the homeless...)

jag said...

Wish we were still there with you. That is a homey picture. You are a wonderful decorator and always have been. I love you!!

Peggy said...

I love coming to visit you here Maggie! I always leave relaxed and happy.

sparrow's song said...

Wow! A beautiful scene.

Is that a real fireplace?