Sunday, December 04, 2005

This is the beautiful Christmas collage that Melissa made me. I was looking forward to seeing it and it is wonderful. I love the Christmas story tucked in the pottery and all the small cheerful winter scenes. In the same package she sent me a beautiful journal illustrated with pictures of wonderful English cottages and gardens. I am already enjoying this so much! Thank you Melissa!  Posted by Picasa


Carol said...

Ah what a beautiful collage again! I cant wait to get mine now! Btw Maggie Ann are you part of the christmas card with hankie swap? Because there is a Maggie Ann in it and I was wondering if this is you? If it is you, I've sent the card out last Thursday.

Britt-Arnhild said...

What a nice blog. I love it here :-)

sparrow's song said...

Well done, Melissa! It's lovely.

My daughter is getting into the collage mood of lately as well. She made a little girl out of bits and pieces of body parts she cut out of magazines. She's rather good at it.

Do you have a scrapbook for all those collage gifts?