Friday, November 04, 2005

While I was looking for floss for my cross-stitch project I came across this perfectly lovely floral design that I had started and not!! could I have not finished this....this was my first piece of work done on 28 count linen. Perhaps posting it will inspire me to finish it up. No, really just seeing it yesterday did the trick....the chart is from a beautiful book ..Holiday Reverie...(Pub. Leisure Arts). So......if I may, if I might, I'll work on this a little bit tonight. Its so worth finishing. Off to put a load in the washer and then discipline myself to practise those very hard Sevcik position changes on my cello, before playing my little favorites and justifying sitting beside the sunny window, soaking in the tranquility as I stitch. Little bits of colors, some very pretty, some not so pretty....but all come together to make something beautiful. Just like us trusting the Lord....the Master Weaver of our lives. Hope you have a great day and get to do something just for the sheer enjoyment of it. Take a walk or stitch, or go out for supper and not have to cook. (oh my, do I like that one) ....I wondor what each of us will do today thats one of those....aahhhh moments!  Posted by Picasa


Isabelle said...

How delightful! Dear Maggie, I loved your thoughts on our Lord, the Master Weaver.
The day is soon over for me, so I need to take your advice to spend a special moment very soon. For me it'll be sewing :)

I found your sampler by doing a Google search with the name of the designer and "Daily Bread"... Such a lovely design and so "you"!
"Britty Kitty" is from a magazine: the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments special issue.
The design is by Brittercup designs

And now for a mind-boggling "coincidence"... About hour and a half before you posted your comment on my blog, I was reading Job 38. I believe we might have been reading the book of Job at the exact same time, thousand of miles apart and without any previous arrangement...

I am so truly honored that you treasure my little comments. I would love to meet you in real life!

Have a lovely afternoon, and a lovely weekend!

ms*robyn said...

now tell me MaggieAnn - did you get to start working on the sampler piece? It is very pretty - can't wait to see it

Finn said...

Hello Miss Maggie, what a lovely little surprise to come across. It really will be so lovely finished..but oh my, such tiny,tiny squares to stitch in !!
I do well if I can be accurate in a 14 ct..give thanks for your vision..*VBS*

Shelley said...

That is very pretty. I have some that I have only partly finished...should really pull them out and work on them. Maybe I'll do some tomorrow. I also need to work on my knitting (a sweater I'm doing for my nephew for Christmas), and some mittens for the church mitten tree.

Laney said...

How lovely!

The women's retreat that I went to last year had a theme similar to what you wrote. The Lord is our Master Tailor, off with the old, on with the new!

Very nice post! :-)

Saija said...

isn't it great to find something that we started "once upon a time", and now can finish?

i hope you found your sunny spot by the window and just enjoyed ...

i actually watched a movie with my hubby tonight ... that was fun ...

big hugs and blessings sent your way!

Jess said...

Beautiful, seeing cross stiching and the like always reminds me of what you wrote. It's so important to trust God to bring us to our final masterpiece isn't it? :-)

That piece is beautiful!

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog tonight. They made my night, it was a rough bedtime.

Gina E. said...

You found only ONE UFO? Oh Maggie, I wish I had only one - instead I have a cupboard full - lol! Do concentrate on finishing this one - I think cross stitching done on anything finer than 18ct Aida is so much prettier. Looking forward to seeing the finished article!

sparrow's song said...

You shared,
"Little bits of colors, some very pretty, some not so pretty....but all come together to make something beautiful. Just like us trusting the Lord....the Master Weaver of our lives."

Your words are as lovely as your cross-stitch.

I'm working on a piece too. So many things get in the way. Maybe like you, I just need to purposely take that time.

Thanx for the inspiration.