Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Since its a blustery, cold snow-spitting kind of day here, I am now and again going to deliberately enjoy the memories of springtime. My soul feels the awe of this 'iris' beauty. This morning I have cleaned up my computer area. Lots....oh, too much has been saved and stuck here and there. So..for the time being it is de-cluttered and I found this note to myself. "What is the way of living in calmness? Be very quiet in your soul~~Do not try to hurry~~ Relax...and do not desire in your mind to be anywhere else but where you are this very moment~~God gives each moment its own space and meaning~~ and Yes !! ~~Work falls into this calm area also. I don't know if this is a quote from somewhere or my own thinking but it is helpful to me and one of the rewards of cleaning an area that I've ignored for months. Hope your day is blessed with .....Calmness..(sounds like it should go with a cup of Camomile tea. Hmmm, not a bad idea *smile*. Posted by Picasa


Peggy said...

this is the season when we need that calmness. love the photo.

sparrow's song said...

You shared,
"Lots....oh, too much has been saved and stuck here and there."

ahh, the packrat. *hee hee*

"a cup of Camomile tea...Yes, reminds me I made coffee. Mrs. Rabbit, in Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit story, spooned Camomile tea to her baby bunnies. And speaking of which, I'm drinking coffee from my Petter Rabbit mug.

Beautiful Iris! Our frontyard mums have given up the ghost finally as the cold weather has set in. I recently bought the last healthy Ivy from Home Depot and put in in, Tada! a Peter Rabbit planter. Hahaha!

gotta love me