Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas season begins at White House

Christmas season begins at White House


melissa said...

Hey sweet thing! Just wanted you to know I had your name for the Christmas collage, and it was mailed this morning. Got it out just under the wire, eh?!?!?

Finn said...

A happy wild and windy Wednesday to you, but of course, it's is only Tuesday..*VBG*..silly ole bear..me *G*

The Foxfire book I refered to is the same Eliot Wiggington you mention over at my place. I was afraid I had made a typo, but I checked and I did spell it correctly in your comments..must be a senior moment for both of us..*S*
Your read sound very lovely. Seems like I read a similar story years ago, but was set in New England Not sure I even remember the name..nice story tho. I remember one part where the pastor's wife asks the Vermont storekeeper if by "now..they are considered Vermonters", and his answer is that even if a cat has her kittens in an old oven, that doesn't make them biscuits...LOL. It seems sooo typical of that far north east view of the rest of us...LOL. I'll have to see if I still have that book. I gave bags and bags to the nursing home when I sold my house..keeping only my MOST favorite..*S*
Sorry about your sleet..we have high winds, blowing snow, and numbing cold.

Peggy said...

nice picture of the tree for white house and it came from NC!!! I love the foxfire books and some of the stories were written in the mountains of NC.My ole stomping ground. If you come across a story of Rufus Morgan he lived not far from our old homeplace. He has been dead for years but was a great minister and man in our neck of the woods.

sparrow's song said...

Gosh, I almost missed this entry!!

Unfortunately, my first thoughts were how long before someone says that the 'Christmas' tree is not politically correct for the White House?

Jesus is the Reason for the season. keep Christ in Christ-mas.