Thursday, October 06, 2005

This is such a 'vintage' moment for me. As I was searching my closet shelf for a book I came across this pretty velvet case that used to hold my very first gift from my hubby the year before we were married. I still wear this watch and it is a favorite of mine yet. Now the watch rests in my jewelry box and the velvet box holds some coins. How the Lord has blessed us...our love is as true now as when we were sweethearts back then. What triggered my thoughts in this direction was ms*robyn's post about her very first doll. Oh what fun to reminisce. When I saw this blue velvet box on the shelf above me, well.....the rest is history! Posted by Picasa


ms*robyn said...

oh how perfectly romantic ! a true love story. bless you both

Lady Laurie said...

Don't you love coming across something that brings back such sweet memories!