Monday, October 24, 2005

This is the new border we put up in the kitchen to replace the 'country' border. Americana is the theme of the kitchen and the dark blue paper on the bottom ties in with the dark blue print rug in the dining room. I love wallpaper but don't love all the work it is to scrape off the walls when it needs replaced. This turned out to be a nice compromise...only paper on the bottom half. Waverly let me down though, because you can see how the blue shows through the white...and I don't have the desire to tear it down and redo it. Whoops.....just noticed that in this pic the door mouldings aren't on. They are now, thankfully = ). Posted by Picasa


Jess said...

That's beautiful and you're right, it is brighter. I think it would be my choice too. I love the bench seating you have too!

The rest of your home you posted is beautiful also. It's elegant and ecletic, beautiful. My only question is what are you going to do when grandbabies come into the picture? lol

kindred spirit said...

Hi friend,

You did this since the tea party?

Looks so bright and cherry. Brighter even. You sure have a knack for decorating.

No wonder you don't have time for your cross stitch. :)

Talk to you soon.

Lady Laurie said...

Maggie Ann,
Your home is so pretty, love your country kitchen.

HomemakerAng said...

what a beautiful place to eat breakfast