Saturday, October 29, 2005

Don't you just love Bisquick? My Mum gave me the recipe for making your own Bisquick years ago. Just in case you would like to know what it is:....5 cups of flour....3 Tablespoons of baking half Tablespoon salt ( just sprinkle some in).....three fourths cup of shortening-cut in to flour mixture. Refrigerate untill needed. To use for baking just add one fourth cup of milk or plain yogurt to one cup of 'mix'. and there you go. We always enjoyed quickie cinnamon rolls made with it. This vintage recipe book has 157 recipes and ideas in it. How about this for a new camping I haven't tried this myself..being a homebody and all *s*. Stick Biscuits....Pour several cups of Bisquick into plastic bag. Roll down sides to make cuff. Take end of long, peeled stick (thickness of little finger) and push away Bisquick in center to make a well. Pour in about 1 tbsp. milk or water. Stir gently with stick until liquid picks up enough Bisquick to form soft ball around end of stick..(about 1 inch across). Secure ball on stick by pressing gently with hand. Hold stick over coals, turning slowly to bake ball through and brown evenly (about 7 minutes)...whoa...patience required I see. Eat piping hot...(just what my hubby does and tends to burn his mouth = O )...oh yes, eat piping hot with butter, jam, or jelly. You can also do 'twists'. dust hands with Bisquick...slip ball from stick...roll between palms...wind back on stick and pinch ends. Is this interesting or am I wasting time .....Again! Happy Saturday to you if you are still with me. Posted by Picasa


Gina E. said...

On reading the opening sentence of this post, I wondered what I was missing out on now - "Bisquick"?? Then I continued to read and all became clear. I haven't heard of it, so it's obviously one of those neat American inventions that has never found its way across The Pond (not to my knowledge anyway). I chuckled to read about hubby burning his mouth on the hot biscuits - must be another one of those 'men' things; I have had both brothers and husbands do that!

Me said...

Oh yeah.. bisquick is a good thing!!!!!! My kids love Impossible Pie made with it... nice and easy for me to make in a hurry... :o)

It's now available in the UK too.. my sister is "falling in love" with it!!!