Thursday, September 08, 2005

A very old and lovely hankie edging my Aunt made. For years I used it as a doily hanging over the edge of a shelf. I think I'll do a picture of my china closet shelves sometime soon with thier hankie edgeings. This has been a slow day, not much done. Every once in a while the thought comes to me that I must hurry over to the nursing home and yet, I still am thankful that my Mum is free now and with God. I got to bed too late last night and up too early this morning and I feel it. Off to bed I go, praying for the Katrina flood survivors, God bless them. Posted by Picasa


VintagePretty said...

How delightful, my great-grandmother used to crochet the finest most intricate designs onto handkerchiefs... So different from the way things are done now.
Take care

ms*robyn said...

this is beautiful too. I have a friend who nursed his mother for many years at his home and then had to put her into a nursing home in the last few years.. he would visit her every morning and every night - taking mango to her for her night time snack. When she passed away..he was lost for quite awhile... Maggie..hugs to you x x x

Gina E. said...

What a beautiful piece of work - much too nice to blow your nose on!
Much better used as a doiley as you described, Maggie Ann. I am looking forward to seeing the photo of your china closet shelves with the handkie edgings.

Saija said...

i come from a time and place when hankerchiefs were used, and they had ones initials embroidered on them ... a different time ... a gentler time?

i love the butterfly embroidery that you shared a few posts down too ... that was lovely!

hope you got a good rest ... and that this weekend will be one spent doing the normal stuff - ((hugs))

Finn said...

Morning Miss Maggie, I hope there is sunshine on your shoulders today..*S* The hankerchief is sooo lovely. What a treasure, and how special you saw that it was, even years ago and didn't use it.
It's fun to see that there are some "hanky" people out there besides you and I. I tend to agree that's almost a forgotten thing now. I wonder if you can even shop for and find handerchieves as lovely as the ones that were so popular "back then".
I probably love the home worked ones the best. I have one lovely Irish linen one, with chrochet edge, that I've never used or washed. It was sent in a card by my mom, one christmas. She died before spring that year. The nuns at the hospital where she worked had made it for her. It's the same hospital where I and my 2 sisters were born. So special to me...*VBS* Hugs for a lovely lady. Finn

Maggie Ann said...

Wasn't it so normal for Grandmothers' to do needlework way back when! Mine anyway. Well, on my Dad's side, my Grandma didn't do anything like that. She lived in the city and shopping was her love I think. She was a dear though.
ms*robyn...that is a touching story about the son who nursed him Mom, what a special person he was.
Gina....I snapped a few pictures of the china closet shelves this morning.
Saija, yes, I think it was a gentler time, when you gave of yourself more so than buying things. I don't think we had so much available back in those days.
Dear Finn....thanks for sharing your memories of hankies and that special one from your Mom. That is so special that you and your sisters were born at the same hospital that your Mom worked at. And, yes, I did have some sunshine on my shoulders today! Our son took us to the Mountain Craft Days and we walked through and enjoyed that for a couple of hours.

Kali said...

I am enjoying these beautiful pieces ~ small tiny bits of history all tied up in their every stitch...thank you.

Laney said...

How beautiful!!

Thank-you, Maggie Ann, for the sweet comments about my husband! What an encourager you are!

Marlene said...

I use little, vintage, lace edged hankerchiefs in exactly the same manner you do, tucked under pretty things and hanging over the edge of a shelf.

I'm one of the few people left who actually USES cotton hankerchiefs (I'm allergic to tissues), but I prefer the great big mens' blow through. LOL