Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Here is a pillowcase my Mother embroidered some years back. She loved purple and green together. I like the way she used two different shades of green here. It really makes the leaves stand out. The flower design is nicely balanced too. She made me a quilt one year for Christmas and embroidered the whole thing, it is so lovely, she embroidered one square at a time. I was one surprised daughter that Christmas....never dreaming it was for me. She said she 'made' herself work on it about an hour a day. She was a dedicated crafter and needlework person. She also crocheted me a gorgeous tablecloth which I gave to our daughter when we switched from a rectangular shaped table to a round one. No matter when you stopped to see her over the years, she was always working on something pretty. I soaked that atmosphere up like a sponge. Some things just speak to the feminine heart.... Just ran out to the kitchen to put the rice on. The chicken cacciatore is bubbling away in the electric skillet so supper is on the way. My guys will make short work of that and I'll help too. This day hopefully will still yield me some time to do 'girl' start another collage hopefully. I got 3 beautiful sheets of scrapbooking paper last night and am yearning to get creative again. The ideas are bubbling on my 'back burner'. If you're stopping by, leave me a comment please, I'd love that! Posted by Picasa


Finn said...

Beautiful embroidery..and how special to have from her and the memories. What a beautiful legacy she has given you.

Peggy said...

Maggie, my mother never sat still that she wasn't embroidering something. I have her hoop with an unfinished butterfly in it that I look at every morning and wish she were here to finish it. William said I should finish it but I rather keep it like it is as it was the last thing she was working on. I know you cherish everything your mother made for you and have lots of memories when you use or look at them.

Shelley said...

That is beautiful, and beautiful work too. I like purple and green together as well...purple is my fav colour, so I'm partial to it. I've done cross stitch, but not embroidery.

Saija said...

isn't it lovely to have a mom that left bits of her work behind ... so that when you turn a corner, it is like having her there ... i love the work she did ... so pretty!

we tease my mom about her knitting ... she sits in a corner, we throw the yarn in that direction and she throws back a beautifully knit sweater! :)

Ruth said...

that is so beautiful!! and so precious that she would take so much time and energy at her lovely crafts. mmmm... you were making chicken cacciatore? yum!

Jess said...

Wow, that is so beautiful and intricately detailed!!! You can see the love and hard work put into that! Would you share a picture of the quilt?

Did she teach you how to embroider? I don't know if I'd have the patience and I have Carpal Tunnel so some crafts are painful. I can knit OK though.

Thanks for sharing the pic and precious memories of your dear mother.


Isabelle said...

What a beautiful work. I can well understand why you treasure so dearly your mother's creations.
What exquisite taste, exquisite work.

My mother knows nothing about needlework and nor do my sisters - and they're not interested, although they like what I do!
But my mother's mother used to be a wonderful seamstress and was always sewing or crocheting something. (now she can't see well enough... She's 97).
Somehow I feel I have to "carry on" - and some day to pass the skill and love of needlework over to the next generations. And my Grandma is very happy about that! :o)

ms*robyn said...

you must have quite a collection ~ lucky you. It is good that you use it as well, brings your mum close to you.

Maggie Ann said...

I love your comments, it is rather like having friends to touch base with over my teacup.

Peggy, I have the last thing my Mom was going to try embroidering at the nursing home..which is a vintage kitty on a swing, meant for a teatowel. Bless her heart, the Dr. told us that in a person thats previously had a significant stroke like Mom had, everything is harder for them, because they don't get the blood flow to the brain like we do, plus thier motor skills are impaired and some paralyzed. I wish I had known this before, it makes what Mom tried so very hard to do ..really precious now!

Saija, your Mom must be sooo talented! How nice for you and your family. Love to see a picture sometime of her knitting. Is she going to ever start that blog? *s*

Jess, sorry to hear you suffer with Carpal Tunnel. I sure will post a picture of the quilt Mum made for me. My Mother did teach me to embroider when I was about 17. Thats something nice to remember!

Isabelle, I loved hearing about your needlework wonderful you still have your Grandma! Thats precious. Did she crochet doilys' I'm wondering. My Grandma did alot of those and so did I. When our first baby was about 3 years old, I would get up early in the a.m. and crochet ruffled doilys'. Some of those directions were like solving a puzzle! Fun though. And, I remember the first sewing accomplishments were in high school. I made a v-necked jumper and my Mum chose the material. It was a large red and green plaid. I remember the some of the other kids asking why I chose that! Oh Mother!!...and I did a sleeveless dress that was green in a sort of 'jellybean' print. I sewed shorts and a sailor collar blouse to wear to Kennywood amusement part. Oh memories....didn't know I has so many = ).....Isabelle, I am amazed at the beautiful things you create, you are carrying on the love and skill of needlework in a wonderful way.

Gina E. said...

I can't find any new words to say about your Mum's lovely piece here, Maggie - I just echo what all the above posters have said. Lovely work, and lucky you.