Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Aren't flowers wonderful. My basket is full of specialty teas that I got at the craft show. They smell delectable....'Grandma's Garden Surprise....Rosehip & Hibiscus....Vanilla (but, of course)..Very Berry and Berry Cocktail. Hmm....they smell good and make for tea that is something special and new to try. I also bought some Essential oil of Lavender (french) and oil of Peppermint. Words cannot describe the delectable fragrance of these. Its like breathing in a whiff of heaven!....The dishs pictured here are from Homer Laughlin's Fiestaware collection and collection is the right word for me. We are big 'Fiesta' ware fans. They have an outlet that we went to every year for awhile, but now our kitchen cabinets are chock full of all the colors of the rainbow. Last year's new color was red and my daughter and I couldn't wait to get our hands on a piece. Hubby would not let me buy a mug which was about $7.00,and so I was patient and submissive (I'm proud of that now,*s*) and he got me 2 place settings by Christmas for something like $23.00 each which I have to admit was way better than just having a mug!....Well, the afternoon is flying by and we are about to get ready to go to town, where we'll do some shopping and go to my cello lesson. Rita, if you happen to come over to see what I've been up to, well, a very special thankyou to you! I was going to use this quote today anyway, it just fits so many nice people I know who have helped me in the last weeks. "When you help someone up a hill you get that much closer to the top yourself". anon. I'd rather it was a Bible verse though, like....oh I don't know...hmm...how about Psalm 17:8b "hide me under the shadow of thy wings". Oh yes, thats what I keep needing from my Lord and what He keeps doing for me.  Posted by Picasa

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ms*robyn said...

lovely post Maggieann - thankyou xx