Friday, August 19, 2005

The wonderful Merry-Go-Round....a never ending favorite. I had a lump in my throat watching our grandson being held on a galloping horse while his Mum and Uncle tried to get him to smile. He cryed abit at first because he was so tired,(no nap) but was taking it all in with big eyes. It was a poignant 20 minutes or so for me as I watched and took picture after picture, hoping to catch the family with the camera as they flew by. Many of the children were being held on the horses by parents of course, wide-eyed and solemn....the dictionary says the definition of solemn is; deeply ernest, serious and sober. That describes many of the little ones to a 't' including our grandson. Yet, when the ride stopped he didn't want to get off the horse so we knew he was enjoying it. Life is full of precious moments, and had I been alone, a few tears would have slipped down my cheeks. Posted by Picasa


Kali said...

What precious times you are sharing with your grandchild. You sound like a truly wonderful mother & nanna ~ god bless you xx

ms*robyn said...

You know Maggie ann - let your tears of joy fall whenever you need. A wonderful emotion! I too get very teary at times like this and feel like a fool, but it shows we are human. love to you xx

Me said...

Oh gosh.. I know just what you mean about the tears.

Himself and I had taken our 3 kids to the amusement park earlier on in the summer.. I felt teary at times because a) at least two of my kids are now too big for what was their favourite "kid" ride.. and b) they were big enough to do adult rides and c) on the merry-go-round my #2 daughter was brave enough this year to stretch out and grab for the little rings, while #1 was happy to pretend that she was riding in the Grand National (just like Velvet Brown).. and Piglet Son was just happy to be on the ride!

Just the thought that they are growing up so quickly could make me tear up back then.. and even now... soppy mother, I am.

(Oh - I'm guessing, from your answer, that you're somewhere across the state from me.. in "Steelers" territory? :o) )